15 Plus Size Fashion Tips to Know So You Can Have Fun

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I love this place and space we are in as it pertains to plus size fashion. There are so many more designers, retailers, boutiques, and places to stalk for inspiration and shopping! Navigating it all can be a bit overwhelming or a challenge. How about a few plus size fashion tips, to help you out?

As you are here (welcome) there are tons of resources and articles to help you along the way.

But what I have realized is that there is so much, that figuring out how to start, what to do, or how to do it can be a bit overwhelming. So, what I have done is hooked you up with a fun slideshow of 15 plus size fashion tips to live by! Whether these are ones that I do, or not, you can reference these as you go about your fashionable day!

I love that we no longer see sooo many of those “Rules” articles in plus size fashion… I tore apart the last article I saw about plus size fashion tips… pshaw- not on my watch! Now it is a time of learning, finding, and experimenting! YES honey, yes! Where do we begin? What and how will it help you out? No worries! Take a read below the images to help you out!! Are you ready?

15 Plus Size Fashion Tips to Know 

15. Forget the notion of what plus size fashion WAS and embrace what it is today

This one here can be a challenge. We have been accustomed to only three stores, specific styles, and certain options. We now have new designers, on trend silhouettes, retailers who cater to our style and desires, and the platforms to speak out and up on what we want, like, and need!

14. KNOW your measurements

15 Plus Size Fashion Tips to Know While most of our shopping options are online, it is imperative that we know our measurements NOT just in clothing, but bras and our calf sizes! Get fitted at least once a year (check out the Lift Tour here) and break out the measuring tape whenever you are not sure about the fits! I keep two by my desk ALWAYS.  

Check out this post and image by Pretty Plus Pep!

13. Toss out the “rules” that have been drilled into our heads

15 Plus Size Fashion Tips to Know

I mean. Don’t show your belly. No horizontals. No patterns. Black is slimming. Don’t wear items that are body conscious… PSHAW. With all of these rules, how can one enjoy the progression of plus size fashion today?

Find a rule and break it I say!

Go far out with it too! You never know what you will find!

12. More plus size fashion tips? Play with Color!

15 Plus Size Fashion Tips to Know

Color is proven to affect, change, and alter one’s mood. I mean you cannot NOT be happy in Yellow.

Blue is calming and relaxing.

Red is a spicy and sassy color that makes you feeeeeel.

Find a hue that you are drawn to and play in baby steps, then in focal items, OR don a head to toe monochromatic look!

11. Find an accessory style that works for you

15 Plus Size Fashion Tips to Know

I have a thing for rings. The bigger, the gaudier, the edgier- the better. HATE belts. LOVE boots.

Earrings as big and long as I can take them. Accessorize to Maximize I say! We all have a signature, whether we notice or care, it is there. Find it- that finishing touch that defines you and work it. If you have a penchant for stilettos- then walk, walk, fashion baby!

10. Have a tailor on deck

15 Plus Size Fashion Tips to Know

Not necessarily on deck, but one that you know you can reply on to do those finite fixes and tweaks to your garments. Many times, off the rack will not fit you perfectly and this is NORMAL.

Taking your pieces to a tailor (sometimes at the cleaners) you will have a garment that looks and feels like a million bucks for less than $20 in tweaks!

Look at how Kim from The Natural Fashionista made it work!

9. Get the girls fitted

Having a perfectly fitted bra is like heaven. Your back thanks you, your clothes love you, and life just feels better when the girls are in their place (or free- I think this is the best feeling).

I was instructed that any time you lose or gain, twice a year, and after nursing are times when you should get fitted.


I do not get fitted religiously, but often enough. I must add, getting fitted for European bras is a must. Sizing is different and so are the cuts!

8. Prints are playful and fun- Focus on scale or the size of the print

15 Plus Size Fashion Tips to Know

A bold print can be a mood changer. I am here for a great print too! Depending on what areas of your body that you love, place the print on the area you do not mind the attention, as the eye will gravitate there.

Also, if you want to make that area look smaller, a smaller print, don’t care or want to make bigger? A bolder and bigger scaled print will do!

7. Forget the size of the garment- focus on fit

The only person who will see the size of your garment is you. While we can have a gamut of sizes in our closets, fit is the most important.

Some brands prefer a more tailored look, some brands are more conservative, others have different fit methods- you are not alone here.

Hell, even vanity sizing is an issue with straight sized women as well! A great fit looks best over whatever size it is on the inside.

6. Experiment with silhouettes and shapes

15 Plus Size Fashion Tips to Know

I am guilty of this.

Being scared of a new shape or trend that has hit. But I DID IT!

I have faced my fear of a skater skirt.

I played in bold patterns and prints, embracing more separates. I have been on a personal evolution and I am here for this exploration! You never know what you really like or love without playing around with new shapes.

You may realize that you love your legs in midi skirts, your arms in cap sleeves, or your legs in shorts! You never know!

5. Nail it

I do love a great nail. I love nail stickers even more. I must admit, some days where you feel a little blah, having the nails done automatically makes me feel dressed up or feeling a little bit more fancy.

I do love a great clean manicure, but sometimes you want to jazz it up a bit!

Whatever it is, find something that does it for you and have fun with it!

4. Play with new fabrications

15 Plus Size Fashion Tips to Know Modal Cotton feels like second skin. Silks feel amazing and drape quite nicely. Double faced wool is both chic and warm.

Cashmere blends are like butter. Supple leather hugs the curves just right. Before, we only had the option of cheaper poly blends and jerseys. With technology and designers bringing the quality and luxury, we have a few new fabrications to play in!

I dare you to try it! Your skin and curves will thank you!

3. Challenge yourself to try a new trend

SKATER skirts? Jumpsuits? Two Piece Bikinis? Say WHATTT? Ohhh yes. SKORTS? Culottes?

Do you dare?

I say try them!

They may be the best thing since sliced bread and you didn’t EVEN know! What will it hurt to test it out, try it on, and give it a go?

I face my fear, have welcomed palazzo pants, donned more than my fair share of plus size crop tops and have been having fun with my fears!

2. Make a statement

For me, most of the times I have realized, it is my hair that makes the statement and I am okay with this.


But other times, I want my ring to take center stage, the shoes, or the dress.

Whatever it is, I allow it to do the talking for me when I want it to.

1. Have FUN!

15 Plus Size Fashion Tips to Know

At the end of the day, there should be a bit of fun and self-expression that should come from shopping, dressing up and finding new items to dress your curves in! It should be fun! Not shrouded in rules, boxes, and hindrances.

Be open, step outside your box, and explore!

These are a JUST few plus size fashion tips to play in and with to help you along your way!

I even made a quick little graphic for you to pin and save!

15 Plus Size Fashion Tips to Know So You Can Have Fun

Now while you are looking for more plus size fashion tips, make sure you check out other posts!


Which tips resonated with you the most? What would you add here? What tips have helped you do the most and have the most fun with your fashion life?

Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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      • AMEN to ALL of these rules!!! Years ago, when I made the consciencous decision to focus on fit and not size, (way back when I didn’t like my body), it truly transformed my life!!! I had been thinking about doing a post like this on my blog, but I see no point now, lol. Your list just perfect. I will put a link to it though at some point later on. Oooh, before I forget! Where did you get that top that says I’m not sorry? I want one! LOL <3

        • I linked my website in the box that asked for it, not my most recent post. That was automatic. Not me spamming :/ Just making that clear 🙂

  1. You mentioned that you like nail wraps. I was wondering if you had tried Jamberry? I would love to send you a mani/pedi to try and maybe review if you want to!
    Jamberry is different because it’s not polish wraps, so they don’t chip. They don’t have the chemicals polish have in them, because they are vinyl. Last, and the best, is that they stay on fingers for up to two weeks ( I remove mine around day 11) and toes for six weeks (I remove those when they start looking nappy after 3 months. Ha! We have over 300 designs too! Let me know if you would like to try them!

  2. So much inspiration and education here…simultaneously! You push us to keep being DARING with our clothing and self expression. I love it Marie!

  3. Thanks!!! for the tips. I’m actually doing a lot of shopping as I prepare for my 40th bday celebration. And I want to standout, look great and feel confident. These tips are right on time!!! Thanks again!!

  4. Marie Denee,
    I just LOVE this ! So positive and so accurate. We just feel you give your experience, not stereotypes and clichés ! ^^
    And I also do believe these tips are excellent for everyone, whatever shape or size we are ! ^^

  5. Your confidence is amazing and you are one beautiful lady. I lack confidence and I don’t like what I see in the mirror so I choose clothing that usually doesn’t do what I want it to do. How do I get out of this rut????? I am curvy from top to bottom with the ugly*est legs ever thanks to bad gene’s! I want to try and do thing however fear keeps me in jeans and biker t-shirts. Help!

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