Vanity Sizing, Is It Really An Issue?

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We’ve all heard about vanity sizing. Its when fashion designers make clothing a size or two bigger than what the size actually is in order to make people feel better. You know you are normally a size 20 or 2x, but you go into another store and *gasp* you’re down to an 18 or a 1x.

vanity sizingYou’re so excited that you miraculously lost weight that you make that store your new spot. I’m assuming that’s what retailers and designers are hoping for. We will have such an ego boost that we can’t help but to shop there.

But, honestly that mess is annoying.

Cosmo comparison sizing

How am I supposed to know what size I really am if they keep cutting the clothing more generously? And why can’t we come up with an improved, standardized sizing system for women?

Writer Starre Vartan says, “I am usually a size large, unless it’s a very roomy top, and then sometimes I’m a medium… But at this point, I’m a size small at Old Navy, the Gap or Banana Republic, even in dresses, and even when they are more body-conscious.”

This is just a little bit too far in my opinion. I must say I too, have noticed this at Old Navy as well. On one hand I don’t mind because this means I can shop in the Old Navy store and actually try things on as I can fit into their XXL (sometimes XL) size in store since they have relegated plus sizes to the website *rolls eyes*.

But, on the other hand its annoying to not have consistency and I know I’m not an XL. You not fooling nobody Old Navy.

Vanity Sizing- this bugs life

Another thing I don’t understand this vanity sizing is, if you are already cutting your clothing more generously to “trick” people, why can’t you continue that generosity to include plus sizes???

Many stores still don’t sell above a size 12. This is just mind boggling to me.

If you are cutting styles to fit bigger anyway, why not keep it going? Just saying.

Read more about the issues with vanity sizing at

Img 1: Midlife Beauty; Img 2:  Cosmo Mag; Img 3: This Bugs Life

Have you noticed vanity sizing in some of the places you shop? How do you feel about it? Do you think the industry should come up with universal sizing standards?

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Written by Marie Denee

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