TCF 2019 Self Care Holiday Gift Guide for Those Who Need Extra TLC

If you have been following TCF for a few years, then you know that one of the topics we touch on is self care. Not just the occasional spa day, but the changes to impact our everyday mental state.

From getting a great night’s sleep with Big Fig Mattress to using best CBD oils for sleep, self-care is vital. We’ve also talked about managing our anxiety, to even how we manage our budget, this is an important topic for us.

Of course, it makes sense for us to kick off our 2019 Holiday Gift Guides with topics that mean the most to us.

Self Care is more than getting our nails done (although it is MAJORLY important and contributes to this). With self-care, we are talking about the products that address or assist in us getting our WHOLE lives together.

We want you to take a moment and peruse our top picks! We kick off our holiday gift guides with Self care in mind.

Are you ready?

Our TCF 2019 Self Care Holiday Gift Guide Top Picks

What do you think about our finds for self-care?

Did you find a few products that YOU need to add to YOUR wish list? We tapped our writers and team to see what they are using to curate this list!

Have you seen our past conversations around taking better care of you? We’ve been learning how to be sensual and even how much we rave on about sleep!

Corala Weighted Blanket
Corala Weighted Blanket at

All of these self care finds are on at the top of our wish lists!

Throughout the month of November, we will be featuring quite a few gift guides to help you get ready for holiday gift-giving!

Make sure you check back, as this list *could* grow a little bit. As we learn about new products dropping JUST for the holidays!

We are curious… what items are you most excited about?

As The Curvy Fashionista editors, we write about stuff we love and we think you'll like too. The Curvy Fashionista often has affiliate partnerships, so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Written by Team TCF

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