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First Look: Igigi Pre Holiday Collection- Luxe Elegance

First Look: Igigi Pre Holiday Collection- Luxe Elegance

Plus Size Designer Igigi Pre Holiday Collection- Luxe Elegance

Are you ready for the holiday parties? The fancy dress wearing occasions that call for all things glitz and glam? I know I am and when I copped a peek at the latest from IGIGI, I knew that I had to share this with you! I mean, The Igigi Pre Holiday Collection, Luxe Elegance, already had me thinking about dinners and dances, especially as I am in a new town? I can only imagine the fanciness that will ensue! I mean, I already need a red carpet gown for this Sunday! LOL

So, as you already know, finding the perfect plus size dress is already or can be a challenge but special occasion? This is where IGIGI shines. They always have dresses for various occasions and the subtle changes they have made over the past few seasons have been real nice. I do like it… But let me share with you the look book!

First Look: Igigi Pre Holiday Collection- Luxe Elegance

What are we thinking? I am here for the magenta lace number, the plum or Bordeaux sequins maxi dress! The Francesca dress is one I have to see standing up! I do like these and best believe I will be rocking more than a few of these out and about. You can shop a few of them NOW too!

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I am digging the evolution of Igigi and like the variety and options we are getting in the collections and I am curious to see them delve into pants and more separates. If we can get fancy evening separates? I think that would be a great look for IGIGI!

Which items are your fave? Can you see yourself in more than a few of these? I am all the way here for this. Let’s discuss below!

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