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Summertime Fine: Six Skincare Essentials You Should Try Right Now

Image c/o Alex Sundstrum

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The weather is finally starting to get consistently warm. I’m in NYC so it takes a minute. Some of you are lucky enough to live in climates where the weather isn’t so fickle and it’s probably warm when it’s supposed to be warm. Anyway, summer is right around the corner so it’s time to think about your skincare routine. Do you switch it up depending on humidity? Do you keep it the same all year around?

I don’t know about you, but I like to switch it up, especially when I come across new promising products to try. Since January, a ton of goodies have come across my desk and there is a lot of good stuff out there, just in time for you summertime skin glow up. Let’s dive into six products that I am digging right now.

Six Skincare Essentials You Should Try Right Now

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Image c/o Alex Sundstrum

Dove Mousse Body Wash

Dove has a cool mousse that’s also a body wash. It’s infused with luxurious oils and scents and it gently cleanses and moisturizes your skin, but it also functions as a shaving cream. The other thing I really like about it is that it’s also concentrated so you don’t need too much and you can stretch it longer than you would a body wash.

My skin is super dry so I usually still have to follow it up with an oil or lotion, but it’s so emollient that depending on your skin type, and especially with the humidity of the summer, you might be able to get away with just showering with it and going about your business.


This is a line of face wash, moisturizer, and toner straight from Togo, West Africa. It was created by rapper Tabi Bonney, whose father was from Togo, and formulated with coffee berries from one of the family’s farms in Togo (coffee berries are high in antioxidant content). Girl! When I tell you I really like this stuff! It smells good, it’s moisturizing, gently exfoliating, and the ingredients are super clean (with shea butter and coconut oil also being part of its formula).

You know, no parabens, phthalates and all that yucky stuff. It’s also unisex so if you get it and you’re boo’d up, you might have to fight over it. Anyway, it has given my skin a nice glow and suppleness to it since I’ve been using it and my complexion is more even.

I’ve been using it for over a month and this stuff is a winner. It smells delightful too. I can’t really describe the scent but it’s clean and spicy, if that makes sense. The coffee berries give the range an earthy, chocolatey-cinnamony scent. The face wash and the toner alone are sometimes enough for me without having to add the moisturizer to my face. When I do add the moisturizer, it feels creamy and nourishing but not pore-clogging.

Honestly, you could use it to moisturize other parts of your body if you wanted to. ITADI Body is a relatively new launch but Tabi Bonney actually told me that they will be adding more products to the range over time so I hope a bigger body lotion is one of those products.

Skinsei Skincare System

This is another skincare system that is effective. I used this program for two months, just before I started trying out the ITADI Body. The way this works is that it’s customized based on your lifestyle. You go on the website, take the quiz and answer specific questions about your environment, how you eat, workouts, etc and they’ll create a system based on your answers.

My thing is that I wear foundation, need lots of hydration, and I’m concerned about hyperpigmentation. What I got from the brand was a cream to use for stripping my foundation, a probiotic serum, toner, moisturizing lotion and a face mask. I use the aforementioned coupled with my face wash of choice. It seems to deliver.

Most of the time, I don’t need to use the moisturizing lotion once I’ve used the probiotic serum, toner and mask, but I like that it’s there for me just in case.

St. Ives Face Mist

St. Ives has long been a staple of affordable beauty. At some point we’ve all had at least something from this brand. But did you know that they now have a face mist? Yes, it’s that simple. It’s a hydrating face mist formulated with relaxing scents like lavender, orange, and grapefruit for example.

You just spray it on your face for a nourishing refresher on a hot day or, just when you need to take a moment to relax. Toss it in your bag, carry it around with you to the beach, festivals, brunch, concerts or where ever for a cool reset at your fingertips.

Deodorant Wipes

Dove and Degree make deodorant wipes. That is exactly what it sounds like. You can use these on your armpits in lieu of a traditional roll on, solid or spray deodorant and get the same effect. Even better, you can also use these on your body (not your vagina, but everywhere else) for a quick wash up if you’re going from yoga to brunch or from the gym to dinner. They smell just like our favorite deodorants of the same brand.

COTZ (Contains Only Titanium and Zinc)

If you’re a product junkie like I am then I’m just going to assume that you’re up on the fact that not all sunscreen is created equal. Seriously, there are lots of yucky ingredients in a lot of the common sunscreens we’ve grown accustomed to and often times, our skin is worse off than if we had just frolicked in the sun without protection. That is where COTZ comes in.

COTZ is an acronym for “Contains Only Titanium and Zinc,” and that’s literally what it is.  It’s mineral sunscreen that comes in a variety of products depending on your needs. There’s a facial primer that you can wear solo or as a primer for your makeup, moisturizing sunscreen for all over your body, lip balm, and a line geared toward children.

The SPF varies by product but, honey, each formula is smooth, lightweight and blends in without leaving a chalky film behind, which is very important for those of us who are darker-skinned. The science behind this FDA-approved sunscreen is that it reflects UVA-UVB rays away from your skin and it’s naturally gentle.

Some of the more common sunscreens ironically have the opposite effect. It’s also environmentally friendly, meaning that it’s reef friendly, not tested on animals, preservative free and gluten free. It really is “The Healthier Sunscreen” as the brand’s tagline suggests. Wear it all year round and in any environment for sun protection.  


Is there anything on this list that catches your eye?

Have you already tried things on this list and what do you think? I’d love to hear from you and get the scoop on more products because in the ever evolving world of beauty, we know there’s always something new! 

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