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Our Top 10 Plus Size Online Shopping Haunts

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No Secret, I love to shop. Eileen Fisher Draped Neck TopShoes, Dresses, Accessories- you name it, I am all over it! With this year’s New Year Fashion Resolutions, I have challenged myself to step out of MY box (yes, I have one), to play in and around the newness in fashion! In my self-imposed challenge, I have come across some great finds! More on this later! Plus Size Shopping can get crazy, but I DO have a few faves…

However, while perusing the sites, I realized that I may share my favorites in features but I have never really gone into any detail of my uber faves that I rock or haunt on a regular! So, I had to share with YOU some of my old school favorites and my newer places I stalk and/or occasionally shop at on a daily or weekly basis!Plus Size Fashion on The Curvy Fashionista

My Top Ten Plus Size Shopping Haunts:

  1. ASOS: I love the edge, the shipping, the prices and the quality I get from ASOS. If I have an issue with a garment, they are quick to reply! I seriously love that you can shop through paypal with them!
  2. Simply Be: Majorly slept on. I wish they did their images like the Bespoke Shoot! Great quality, great prices, tons of options from basics to big calf boot options! Simply Be has special collections by Anna Scholz, Gok Wan, Ruby Rocks, and Angel Ribbons!
  3. Ideeli: Instant style gratification. Daily deals that I am always clicking on! I have seriously considered upgrading membership to be the first to know about the deals! LOL. Shoes, Jewels, and Wednesday plus size fashion options- I am in heaven! Ideeli has everything I want and/or need!
  4. Dorothy Perkins: I have been watching this site for quite a while and finally decided to take the plunge! This UK retailer goes up to a size 20 or 22! I scored three tops and two bottoms from them (even my pink pants I have yet to snap a pic of) and I am in love with them! Sizing, style, and quality- woot! I WILL BE BACK.
  5. Nordstrom: Not only because it’s Nordstrom, but it’s because my eyes are always in aflutter when I peruse the site! In store, from shoes to clothes, Nordies makes me the happiest girl in the world! Rachel Pally, Sejour, and sooo much more- shipping is quite nice too!
  6. Saks Fifth Avenue: The crème de la crème of finding higher end contemporary plus size designers, I love Saks. I am always looking there to see which contemporary designers they have collaborated with to fashion exclusive designs for! Anna Scholz, Lafayette 148, T Bags, and Amanda Uprichard are just a few!
  7. Forever 21: I was NOT one who jumped on the Forever 21 bandwagon. Secretly, I had no affinity for them- UNTIL I was in NY and went into the store and was completely surprised. Most recently I shopped them for my Blogging While Brown conference and have found pieces that I seriously will wear till they die (hopefully not soon). Great for fast fashion and the season, I will keep my eye open for great quick shipping options!
  8. Yours Clothing: After reviewing a few of their pieces for FFFWeek™ New York, this UK site raised a few eyebrows for me! Great options that sometimes you may find on other sites, but shipping to the US is amazing hands down! Fast, reliable, and quick on the customer service reply (for me), Yours Clothing has definitely have me always checking out their Limited Collection pieces!
  9. CarmaKoma: Edgy, chic, and playful, CarmaKoma does not skimp on the aesthetic factor! I am always drawn to black and seriously have forced myself to stay away cause I need to save my pretty pennies AND force myself out of BLACK! LOL
  10. Lane Bryant: I have slept on them over the past years. HOWEVER, a little trip last year to the headquarters and the flagship location Changed. My. Mind. The bras have giving my girls something to sing about, great classics that wear well and wear fashionably AND let’s talk about the collaboration with DKNYC? YES!

Ones I am constantly watching:

  • Damn You Alexis- I cannot wait for her next collection to drop! Seriously! I have a few pieces from her debut collection- definitely a head turner!
  • K-Mart: LYS Collection- Kmart has injected a serious dose of fashion into their apparel collection. A SERIOUS one. In today’s outfit post, I bought two items and I am geeked to have my hands on a line I had once only shopped as a child using LAWAWAY! Ha! Who Knew?
  • Monif C- An OG in fashion and style chartering new paths in plus size fashion- especially in places very rarely seen from plus size designers! Social Media savvy (actually one of the ONLY plus size brands working it in social media!)
  • Jibri– Sophisticated, fashion forward, vintage inspired, and growing rapidly, Jibri pulls at my heartstrings always raising an eyebrow and my blood pressure in excitement!
  • Anna Scholz– The ever so sassy and playful Anna Scholz makes fashion fun! Bold prints, great editorial lookbooks, Anna Scholz works it! Carried in high end boutiques and department stores, Anna Scholz champions a crossover fashion and a leader whose blog engages and celebrates the plus size woman!
  • Igigi- A mainstay in plus size fashion, Igigi has a special place in my closet. Great work clothes, classic dresses, Igigi never disappoints when I need a go to dress!
  • Tennille White- Under the radar, Tennille White has been making waves and going places few designers go! BET’s Rip the Runway Size Sexy designer wows the crowd with great fashions for the discerning woman.

These are my favorites and others who I watch out for on a regular. They tempt me to quickly adda look or two or three to my closet- and these are only a few! Have you checked out the list of my favorite plus size designers?

There are sooo many designers who are doing it- delivering new silhouettes, pushing the fashion envelope and more!

Q. What are some of YOUR favorite plus size designers? Which ones should you or I keep my eye on?

Sound Off!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. I’ve had lots of luck on the resale sites Tradesy and Threadflip lately too. Bonus, not many curvy girls know about them so you can score great bargains!!!

  2. I am terrified to order by mail. I have an hourglass (well, okay, a 2-hour glass….) figure and unfortunately middle age has added some middle I never had before — but the figure is still there. My biggest problem is my bust — stuff that fits everywhere else is too tight across the chest or gaps at the buttons. I shopped at three stores this weekend: Catherines, Macy’s, and Boston Store, and came up empty-handed.

    I’ve had my husband tell me I look amazing. I don’t want to settle for “it looks okay,” when I know I can do better. I love that there are designers and companies out there who are doing serious plus-size style. But unfortunately, not all of us can get our bras at a department store, and not all of us are quite as young as we wish we were. Who caters for the busty women *and* will give me style that doesn’t look like I’m trying to raid my daughter’s closet?

    And finally, am I doomed to have to figure return-postage into my budget to even get close to this?

    • Hello Jenn,

      You sound blessed like me to be “middle-aged” and busty & have a husband that knows what true sexy looks like!! I am an avid online shopper for plus size fashion and just about anything else you can think of. I understand your fears of shopping online. In fact, that’s what my blog is all about…helping Mature>Unique>Modern Women like YOU & I find the best online deals and helping you overcome those fears. However, if you must shop in-store, I’d suggest Avenue or Lane Bryant. They have always been my go-to stores. I’m not sure where you live, but you can go to either of their online sites for a store locator. I hope this helps!

      Happy Shopping!
      Jenny Nadine

  3. Don’t forget they are a new plus-size only fashion resale marketplace that promotes body positivity and is a great online shopping site to buy affordable plus-size clothing and should definitely be included on this list. They also have body profiles of the sellers so you can see what clothes best fit your body shape.

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