Calling All Inbetweenies! Express has Extended Their Sizing!

I have fond memories of Express from when I was a young adult. I used to work for the The Limited Company and loved the styles that I saw. But see, your girl has ALWAYS been thicky thick with it and I’ve never fit their clothes. And while they’ve expanded their sizing, they still aren’t plus size brand-they’re what’s considered over here at TCF as “inbetweenies“.

Listen, it took like fifty-eleven years for Express to finally acknowledge the big booty Judy’s that have existed for forever. So let’s talk about what they’ve expanded into.

Express Has Expanded Their Sizing
Jordyn Woods, Size 10 (PRNewsfoto/Express, Inc.)

Express Has Expanded Their Sizing

Express has both men and women’s lines and both them are growing in size. The women’s are increasing to a mere 18 and the men’s to XXL. These new sizes will be featured in 130 stores throughout the nation. While this is a first step at getting more foot traffic into stores, it’s just a start.

Express Has Expanded Their Sizing
Taylor, Size L (PRNewsfoto/Express, Inc.)
Express Has Expanded Their Sizing
Jordyn Woods, Size 10 (PRNewsfoto/Express, Inc.)

Express. Your Rules.

This is the slogan for their new line.

I love the slogan but here’s the problem: The sizing for women only goes up to 18. The average size of women in the US is 16. So this means that the average woman is BARELY represented in their line. So do these rules only apply to the women that can fit these sizes? 

Are they following in the footsteps of New York and Co, tiptoeing their way into the plus size world? Why an 18, it seems a bit arbitrary… This is definitely a space to watch.

Express Has Expanded Their Sizing
Zack, Size XXL (PRNewsfoto/Express, Inc.)

What is even more interesting?

Is their use of plus size models or plus size models who have been the face for and have represented major plus size fashion campaigns… Like Candice Huffine and Jordyn Woods. And if you peruse instagram, they have already started engaging plus size bloggers on the smaller side of plus to share in this announcement. This shall be interesting to watch.

Express Has Expanded Their Sizing
Candice Huffine, Size 14 (PRNewsfoto/Express, Inc.)

I would be lying if I didn’t admit to having the huuuuuuugest girl crush on this brand and I really want them to succeed!

Read: I want these hips that don’t lie to be able to fit in these cute styles that they have and while I wish I were able to slide in an 18, I’m just not there yet.

And it’s not just me, so while I am grateful that you have taken a few steps, you have to do more. Show some love to the thicky thick chicks that are waiting to don your threads!

Head on over to now! 

Score one for the inbetweenies, right? If you are an inbetweenie and have been dying to get your curves into their clothes…

Are you an Express fan? What are your thoughts on this expansion? SHare your thoughts in the comments below…

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