NOW, Is the Perfect Time to Test These 5 Beauty Trends & Products

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If there was ever a perfect time to try 5 beauty trends you may have been thinking about; I’d venture to say during a pandemic would be it!

For many of us, the pandemic has us in the house more than we typically would be.This has left us with some extra time on our hands while we safely socially distance. It has also given us time to read through our favorite beauty content from our fave creators, right? 

But what about those products that they’ve been raving about? Those at-home beauty treatments and processes? Those new skincare items? Those curious beauty trends that have your interest piqued? 

Well, now is the time, right? With nothing but time and with most of us at home, why NOT now?  

Keep reading to find out what 5 beauty trends and products that I have on my “to try” list!

Curious? Why Not Try These 5 Beauty Trends? 

Do you see what we mean? We wanted to share those beauty trends and at home treatments that you’ve read about or have seen on Twitter… You know what we are talking about!

I have personally enjoyed exploring the things that I can do for myself. Especially during these unprecedented times. 

There’s a few things on this list that I haven’t checked off yet, but I’m on my way!

Is there anything here you’d like to try? Tell us all about it!

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Written by Alicia

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