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Beat the Heat with These 8 Foundation Primers

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Raise your hand if this summer heat has you thinking twice about wearing makeup. With the heat, sometimes you don’t want to wear a full face for comfort or for not knowing if it will stay all day.  For those days you may opt for a nice bright and bold lip, but what happens when you decide to wear a full face, but you know just foundation isn’t going to cut it? Foundation primers are the answer.

Summer is the trickiest season when it comes to maintaining your beauty regimen in this heat, specifically your foundation routine. Hotter temps tend to cause your makeup to slide off before noon, god forbid you spend more time outside than inside, it might slide off sooner.

So how do you keep your foundation in place, all day long? A great foundation primer.  Some illuminate, some refine the pores, some keep the skin matte but they are all special in their own way. We’ve even found some lightweight foundation primers that you can barely feel. If you are looking to keep your foundation in place, keep reading for the best foundation primers money can buy.

Beat the Heat with These 8 Foundation Primers

So ladies we gave you some options here, you’ve got foundation primers with SPF, some that are anti-aging, and some with moisturizer. There’s a long wear primer and even an option that reduces fine lines! Depending on the day you now have 8 different foundation primers to keep your makeup in tact in these insanely hot temps!

Which of these primers have you tried? Which ones do you think would work best for your makeup needs? Let us know in the comments which you’ll be adding to your makeup bag! Have you tried out any of the lip colors we showed you last week? If so, drop a picture in the comments!

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  1. This is the best mattifying product I’ve tried, and I’ve used a ton of them. My forehead is super shiny, even when it’s clean. This actually goes on thick and matte. I use it before I put on makeup, and then sometimes after I apply makeup as well.

    Sometimes it feels a little tight and drying on my skin, but that’s fine since it works better than anything else for me to cut down on oily shine. It doesn’t last super long and my skin isn’t completely matte, but I’m very happy with it and plan to purchase it again.

    I’ve probably tried dozens of products to treat my shiny skin, and this is the only one I like enough to buy again.

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