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Where Are Plus Sizes in the adidas x IVY PARK Collection?

Beyoncé’s new adidas x IVY PARK line stops at an XL and we are left a little disappointed

Courtesy of Parkwood Entertainment

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With all the hype around Beyoncé ‘s new adidas x IVY PARK collection, curvy girls are wondering if the collection will include plus sizes. The collection officially launches on January 18, 2020 online at but with a host of straight size celeb teasing their PR packages from the Queen herself, plus size women are left wondering if we will be welcomed to the adidas x IVY PARK party.

Before the plus size community rushes over to the adidas website looking for the new IVY PARK collection there is something you need to know: adidas x IVY PARK’s largest size will be an XL.

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IVY PARK January 18

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Although no items are currently available for purchase on the site, Beyoncé’s collaboration with Adidas doesn’t appear offer plus sizes. According to a press release from the brand, items will be available in sizes XS-XL and range from $25 for accessories to $225 for outerwear. 

The athleisure line includes bodysuits, hoodies, joggers, jackets and four different sneakers: Ultra Boosts, two color styles of the Nite Jogger, and the Sambarose. 

As Beyhivers started searching the web looking for prices, sizes and plus size style inspirations, it became clear no orange boxes were shipped to any plus size star.

Bey hooked celebs like Missy Elliott, Reese Witherspoon, Cardi B, Zendaya, Ellen DeGeneres, Janelle Monáe, and Hailey Bieber just to name a few.

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Thank you, @Beyonce for the #IvyPark swag!

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While celebs unpacked boxes fulled with the complete collection, it looks like plus size women will be limited to the accessory category, some of the outwear pieces and one of the four different sneakers.

In a December 2019, Elle Magazine wrote that Beyoncé “designs IVY PARK with everyone in mind.” In a direct quote from that same article, Beyoncé said:

“I focused on designing a unisex collection of footwear and apparel because I saw so many men in IVY PARK. The way they have embraced the brand is an unexpected gift. I appreciate the beauty of gender-neutral clothing and breaking the so-called fashion rules.”

adidas x IVY PARK plus sizes
Credit: Parkwood Entertainment, Photo by Melina Matsoukas

It’s great to see that Beyoncé made IVY PARK inclusive for all genders but what about the plus size men who also can’t fit in the pieces, either. 

In a statement about the collaboration, Adidas wrote, “This unique relationship champions the values of inclusivity, community and diversity and will take consumers on an unconventional journey starting with this capsule collection for Spring ’20.”

So now I have questions.

With the very intentional roll-out of this collection, why were plus sizes not included in this adidas x IVY PARK collaboration when this collection champions inclusivity in other ways? 

adidas x IVY PARK plus sizes
Credit: Parkwood Entertainment, Photo by Melina Matsoukas

It’s not like adidas isn’t aware of the the plus size community and the power of the plus size dollar. Prior to this the IVY PARK launch, Adidas launched a size inclusive collaboration with the plus size brand,Universal Standard, in October 2019.

The Adidas x Universal Standard collection is available up to a size 4X. 

Adidas x Universal Standard

In a statement on Adidas partnering with Universal Standard, Alison Stewart, vice president of concept development at Adidas, noted that the brand sees the potential for change in this space. 

Stewart told Teen Vogue, “Inclusive sizing is an important part of adidas’ commitment to enable more women to participate in sport by creating a more diverse range of products for them. This is the first step in the journey, with much more to come.” 

It appears this concept wasn’t developed enough to have adidas x Ivy Park to be size inclusive.

At least Adidas didn’t go to the fake inclusive route by hiring smaller plus size models to promote the Ivy Park collection. But it’s still disappointing.

While we have plenty of options for plus size activewear, that doesn’t help the sting of being left out. 

When Bey announced the partnership with Adidas after buying out Topshop owner and billionaire Phillip Green in November 2018 to became the sole owner of the Ivy Park brand, the plus size community became very hopeful. 

Beyoncé told us to get in formation too bad the diehard plus size hive will be out of uniform.

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  1. I agree!!! She could’ve went to a XXL like the line did when it was in partnership with Topshop!!! She has Plus Size Dancers and The Mamas!!!! I hope the future collections are expanded.

    Great Article!

  2. How do you know there are no Plus sizes when nothing has been released yet? This is all speculation and disappointing coming from another black queen. I wish you the best and hopefully dont put you to shame and cause you to re lease an updated version because she does in fact have plus sizes.

    • Hello love. There was a PRESS RELEASE that they send out to publications so that we can write about the collection. We linked to it too. SO there is NO speculation here…

      It is disappointing that they did not include it. Should things change and they add it AFTER the fact, then we will definitely do another post!

  3. I agree!! In our world today fashion really steers away from plus size women. I myself being plus size want to look cute and stylish. I seem to find clothes with big flowers and elastic waist lines. I am hoping whomever in charge reads your article and this envokes some thought provoking actions to develope a line!!!

  4. I went looking and I must say with the average us woman being a plus size I’m so disappointed that we have been left out again

  5. I think they should have included us plus size women, because I love her stuff and I really wanted to buy some pieces for myself and my daughters. But I guess I won’t be doing that anytime soon. I’m so disappointed.

  6. I found plus sizes of the Ivy Park x Adidas collection on – up to 4X. It should’ve been advertised – I agree but it was there.

  7. Thanks for the great article. It is conjecture but I have to pause and wonder if it is the same old prejudice resurfacing: plus women, due to their size, do not appear to workout. Hence, Adidas does not take us seriously in need of athletic wear and athleisure. I thought we had gotten over that hump with them. And if I am wrong (let’s hope so) is it that plus size not on brand? Either way it is insulting.

  8. Has Beyoncé included plus sizes with anything she’s done since Dereon? Of course I’d love to see stuff in plus sizes but I certainly wouldn’t have been expecting it.

    Many main stream retailers are still slow to include plus size in their offerings, sad but true.

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