Show Me, Style Me: One Plus Size Red Dress- 3 Looks!

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I’m so glad you came here to check out the curvy & plus size commentary designed to help you get your life and be your fabulous self. No matter your size, you deserve to have theee BEST resources, information, and FLY ass fashion to make your life as amazing as you are.

Who We Are

Show Me, Style Me: One Plus Size Red Dress- 3 Looks on The Curvy Fashionista

The Curvy Fashionista is a multifaceted media brand dedicated to celebrating plus size women with curves, confidence, style, and smarts. TCF is the fashion-forward and plus-sized focused home to everything from designer news to tomorrow’s trends.

What We Do

The Ella & Oak Fashion Show and Shoot at the TCFStyle Expo by The Curvy Fashionista
Shot by Kaylin James

The Curvy Fashionista gathers your favorite, up-and-coming plus size designers, trendsetters, and world changers into one unique place to give you an exclusive look at all things style, shop, and news. The TCF team diligently curates the most profound and unique stories for the curvy women who make the world go round.

Why We’re Here

TCFStyle Expo by The Curvy Fashionista, featuring Ashley Nell Tipton

We’re here to inspire, educate, and celebrate every plus size woman who knows her style isn’t defined by her size, her smarts can’t be confined to her shape, and the number really means nothing unless we’re talking about bank accounts.

We’re here to Talk + Shop + Style Curves. Every day. All day

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