My Style: Keeping My Cool in Overalls

My Style: Keeping My Cool in my Plus Size Overalls

Okay. Overalls… Bear with me. I giggle as I write this, because this was such a kick out of the box for me… Do you remember when I did this post about finding plus size overalls? Well, I had the pleasure of testing out a pair from Addition Elle and let me tell you… this was a playful feat. So when the weather reached over 100 in SoCal (the IE specifically) I knew I had to pull these babies out and make this work.

So, I received these short overalls that I included in that roundup, and while I had ideas in my head, it was hot and I needed to chill. My first inclination was to put on a bikini top and chill around the house, but yeahhh… NO. LOL. SO I did the next best thing and rocked out in this ASOS Crop top and my overalls.

The Curvy Fashionista in Addition Elle Plus Size Overalls

Being that my hair was still straightened, I swooped this hair to the side, threw on my new UBER fave AVON lippie in Deep Orchid with my Urban Decay Eye Liner and popped on these Dollhouse wedges and this is what I came up with:

Rocking out in these overalls- OH MY they are comfy! They have this stretch with great memory (meaning I did not have saggy booty at the end of the day) and the sizing was quite true! I am a size 16 ish and these rocked perfect in the size.The Curvy Fashionista in Addition Elle Plus Size Overalls

In addition to the size, I did like the length. They did not cut me awkwardly and I appreciated that! If I wanted, I could roll them down for a frayed look or I could roll them higher if life ever called for that action. Hahaha…

Would I rock these again? Of course, throughout the summer, more casually I will. It definitely is an item that pushes me out of my comfort zone, but I can tell you, I HAD SO MUCH FUN DOING IT. I mean, when you push yourself out of your own way, rocking something before you say no, you learn so much about yourself and interestingly enough, these overalls did that.

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The Curvy Fashionista in Addition Elle Plus Size Overalls What did I learn about myself?

Well… do not laugh, but here are a few thoughts:

I knew I liked my legs, but in these short overalls, I realized that I definitely do like them (so a reinforced action)

I felt silly, but felt okay feeling silly. I laughed and even took one shoulder off, taking it wayyyyy back to the Cross colors days. (do YOU remember that?)

I can get set in my ways or have gotten a bit more conservative about other parts of my body. All that SIDE crop top skin? It was both uncomfortable, BUT liberating! After seeing a picture of my side, I didn’t feel all that self-conscious about it… I do have my limits and while I will probably not show that much, it was a part of me that I have embraced.

The image of being or dressing too “young” I need to get over. For some reason, I am going through this “I am too old for that” thought and I have found myself shying away from playing around with things. I suppose I need to take my own medicine here: Don’t knock it till you rock it

Any who, if you are digging these overalls, snatch up these Plus Size Overalls from Addition Elle Here!The Curvy Fashionista in Addition Elle Plus Size Overalls

Fancy that, I am here in all these thoughts over a pair of overalls, and I see that I have been inspired. Ha! How about that!

What do you think of these and how I put it together? Let’s talk about it and the ideas I shared! I want to hear from you!

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored series with Addition Elle and all of these emotions and feelings and thoughts are my own.

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  1. love it!!!!!i was thinking the same thing as far as a crop top with mine. I got mine…(wait for it)……anthroplogie. yes lol they are short and sine it wasnt made for my curviness its fitting. comfortable though. so be a sure that people are feeling the same as you and super kudos you look beyond cute.

  2. My friends have been discouraging me from recreating this look for the Beyonce and JayZ tour. Seeing this most definitely confirmed that this is what I’m gonna do. Overalls are a big plus size trend for summer!

  3. Adorable! The overall and crop top are super cute paired together! The pop of color in your heels really takes the outfit up a notch!

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