Gotta Have It: This Black and White Striped Midi Skirt from Simply Be

I love a great black and white combo. Mmhmm. When I attended the Simply Be Spring event, I saw this skirt and fell in love. I knew I had to have it. I knew I would be featuring this Black and White Striped Midi Skirt on the blog. Seriously.

When I saw it, I also saw the coordinating top and thought to myself, that this would be a great head to toe outfit, but with a few alterations to the top. I would tailor it, making the top shorter or making it to be more fitted.

However, I do love this day look with this kimono top. I could see this with a bold color or playful pattern to juxtapose the skirt! I imagine a long sleeve crop or a leather tee for a casual cool appeal. There are quite a few ways to rock this out and I love it all.

This Black and White Striped Midi Skirt from Simply Be

Black and White Striped Midi Skirt from Simply Be on The Curvy Fashionsta

Cute right? I LOVE this length. As I have shared in the past, I do love my midi skirts. LOL. Like LOVE. But also to note is the texture of this skirt. It is not a jersey or cotton blend, but while a poly blend, it is really cool of a finish. I fell in love immediately.

Black and White Striped Midi Skirt from Simply Be on The Curvy Fashionsta

You can snatch up this Skirt from Simply Be Here!

I must note… A few of you have commented on the FB wall post that I shared about plus size girls rocking stripes… This post:


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Well, just like a few of you may not like wearing white, or neon, or leather, or florals, the same applies to stripes, patterns, and textures- just because YOU do not like it, it does not mean that all plus size woman should stay away from it. Just because you do not like the attention or how it draws the eyes to your curves, lumps, and bumps, does not mean that the next plus size sister doesn’t enjoy it. We must be care and remember that ALL PLUS SIZE WOMEN ARE NOT one STYLE fits most.

/rant over

How would you rock this skirt? Would you do the matching top? A solid black or a bold colored top? With a jacket or crop? Let’s talk about it!

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  1. Every body is different. Women need to learn what works on their shape. A curvy “pear” may look much better in this skirt that an “apple,” but everyone should try on a style before deciding what they can or cannot wear. Personally, if the white stripe hit across my navel, I might leave this skirt alone or wear a looser top or jacket over it as I can’t stand seeing a navel like a headlight under a stretchy skirt. However, some younger women may not care.

    This skirt could be worn for many years in a wardrobe where black is the neutral base. It would look outstanding with a red top and a structured black jacket. However, leading into spring orchid or a “Tiffany” blue or Apple green might be more unexpected.

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