6 Tips to Update Your Self Care Routine

When it comes to self care and having a self care routine, there really is no one ‘right’ way to practice it. It’s a very personal journey that you need to take on and figure out what it means to you.  Anything that aids you to have a better quality of life should be considered self care!

Express your creative side! 

Write in a gratitude journal

Whenever you find yourself feeling grateful or appreciative of something, write it down! You can either buy yourself a dedicated gratitude journal or just keep some post-its around and store your gratitude post-it in a gratitude box. 

Allow yourself to unplug from the world

This has been essential for my personal self care. I find myself less anxious when I consciously take breaks from my phone and computer screens. You can dedicate a specific part of your day to do this, like the first hour of the morning or the last 2 hours before bed. 

Get Ample Sleep

Rest is SO important! That is our bodies and minds time to truly rest and recharge! We have to make sure we make that time count. Invest in a quality mattress that fits your specific needs. As a plus-size person, I have unfortunately found out the hard way that not all mattresses are created equal.

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