A Plus- Size Woman’s Guide for Shopping

Wardrobe Basics for the Plus Size Woman

Hello, my Curvy.Confident.Chic. Plus- Size divas. As we change fashion seasons (yes, Resort is already in stores and Fall is about to showcase in February), designers and fashion insiders declare a new “it” item to add to your amazing wardrobe. We see this in every fashion magazine and fashion website. As a plus size woman, you desire to look and feel as chic as the next straight sized woman does. However, before you go out and try to find the latest picks for the season, you must invest in specific wardrobe basics that will transcend all trends and fads.

Investing in quality pieces allows you to wear these items for years to come. Another benefit for investing adds stability to your wardrobe and will not need an overhaul with each season’s passing trend. The following list will help the Curvy.Confident.Chic. Plus- size woman put together a basic wardrobe for every occasion. Do not worry; every item on the list will have recommendations where you can purchase your basics!

1. Underneath it all. Before you dress your amazing curves, you must set the proper foundation. In order for your clothes to fit well and lay right, the underpinnings that you wear underneath it all will set the tone for the entire outfit. This includes proper fitting bra, panties, shape wear, and hosiery.“, Spanx, and OOLA all provide the proper support every woman should have.

A Plus- Size Woman's Guide for Shopping- Good Underpinnings

2. The LBD reinvented. Turn Heads with the little black dress that is a key staple for every woman regardless of size. This staple should be classic in its cut and shape for you to go from day to night. With a change of accessories and shoes, the LBD will allow you to always have a go-to outfit when you have nothing to wear.
Kiyonna“, Anna Scholz, and Igigi gives you the ultimate chic basic to your wardrobe.A Plus- Size Womans Guide for Shopping- The Reinvented LBD

3. The Transformational Suit. Life and its many transitions always call for a suit that can capture any situation. Not only does a suit suffice for an interview or work event, but breaking it up allows for finishing pieces in your wardrobe. The jacket can be worn with your trousers, skirt, or dress, and the suit pants can be worn with a fashionable blouse for a less casual setting.
Trentacosta, Igigi, KIYONNA

A Plus- Size Woman's Guide for Shopping- The Transformational Suit

4. Amazing Booty hugging Jeans. Gone are the days when premium denim was not available for the Curvy.Confident.Chic. Plus size diva! Finding a perfect pair of jeans is like finding a needle in a haystack. Have no fear- designer premium denim is available for all of your curves. A great pair of premium denim will allow you to feel put together, regardless of the occasion. If you do not have a amazing pair, opt for a dark rinse that can be dressed up or down- giving your wardrobe more options!
David Kahn, Embody Denim by Natalie Wakeling

A Plus- Size Woman's Guide for Shopping- Amazing Booty Hugging Jeans

5. The White (or any colored) Crisp Button-Up Blouse. As boring as it may seem, a great fitting button up blouse is The catch all for any occasion. This basic will allow you something to always come back to! Whether it be a suit, skirt, or jeans, a classic button up will always finish your polished look.
Gayla Bentley, En.V New York, Addition Elle 14+, Marie Melodie

A Plus- Size Woman's Guide for Shopping- The White (or any colored) Crisp Button-Up Blouse

6. Tantalizing Trench Coat. Depending on the climate you live in, every woman (with or without curves) needs a Chic Trench coat to wear! Depending on your shape, many options can transcend the elements. You can always look like a Curvy.Confident.Chic diva wearing a trench coat that contours, enhances, and highlights your assets!
Anna Scholz , Guess by Marciano, Hilary Radley, Nine West

A Plus- Size Woman's Guide for Shopping- Tantalizing Trench Coat

7. Color me Beautiful! To prevent your wardrobe form being bland, you must have an amazing blouse, dress, or jacket in an amazing color! I am the hugest fan of jewel tones, because of their richness in color, but choose a color that makes you feel sexy, fun, flirty, and fabulous! Color breaks up the humdrum of the wardrobe. Do not be afraid to splash a little attitude with color! Lane Bryant

A Plus- Size Woman's Guide for Shopping- Color

8. Accessorize to maximize. Your accessories are like icing to a cake. Whether it be your jewelry, shoes, handbag, scarf, ring, (you get my point) accessories pull your outfit together! Wearing all black? Punch some flavor with bright blue stilettos or Lucite jewelry! Feeling blah? Your accessories can add that finishing touch. I never leave the house without my earrings- Never! And being a curvier gal, jewelry in our sizes does exist! Rings, bracelets, and necklaces are all available in ranges of sizes!

These basics will make dressing your Curvy.Confident.Chic. frame so much easier, and as the seasons change, you will not have to overhaul your wardrobe each season! All you have to do is accentuate your wardrobe with these essentials.

Happy Dressing,

Marie Denee

The Curvy Fashionista

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  1. I LOVE your blog!!! I just happened to stmble across it….and I am so glad that I did…

    thank you for doing this…I want to be more fashionable, but I never know where to get clothes in my size!!

    Would love to network with you…and if you know of any stylist that dress full-figured women, please send them my way! I always need someone to dress me for tv and events!!

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