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Have Time on Your Hands? Let’s Spring Clean the Closet with These Tips!

Can we talk closets and spring cleaning? I’m sure you can’t wait to run out and add all of the latest plus size fashion to your closet, just in time for the spring season!  And if you find yourself wondering if or how you can fit it all in your closet, then it may be time for a great purge. Yes, let’s spring clean the closet!


I do this twice a year. It is exciting for me. It is relaxing and calming.

However, if you find yourself with always “Nothing to Wear” or the clutter is starting to piling up, you might want to consider doing some spring cleaning in your closet.

Most likely, you have plans to spring clean your home and yard so why not clear out that closet at as well?

It may seem like a daunting task, especially if you haven’t done it in a while, but we promise, you’ll be amazed at how refreshing it is to have an edited, organized, and polished closet again! And guess what?

We am here to help! We’ve got some tips for you to get your closet so organized, that you’ll have no excuses for why you can’t buy that new spring wardrobe!

You ready?

7 Spring Cleaning Fashion Tips!

Invite a Friend Over For Help and Treats

Young Plus Size Women Sitting On Bed Laughing

Everything’s better with a friend right? Invite your girlfriends over to help make room for your new clothes and don’t say no when they expect you do the same for them.

The time will simply fly by and you’ll never have a chance to grow bored. It doesn’t hurt to have some cupcakes or pizza handy to bribe them over with!

Friends will do anything when there’s food (and or drink) involved!

Try It On

When was the last time you tried it on? I know girl… but do it. If you cannot fit it, if you are waiting for (insert whatever life event never happening- LOL), let it go!

If seams are ripping, needs tailoring and you have NOT gotten around to it for the past two years, let it go.

Ask & Be Honest With Yourself, Does it Make You Happy?


I go through a place of asking myself all types of questions, when cleaning out the closet, just like when I am about to make a purchase.

Does it really make you feeeeeel like a million bucks and/or does it satisfy a basic need? Keep it! Are you on the fence and cannot bring yourself to looooove it?

Let her go.

Do you find yourself doing a little dance in it, because you love it? She is a keeper!

Conversely, if you have items that make you feel some kind of (negative) way, let it go.

*sidenote* How many pairs of black jeans do you own? Like 10 pairs? Which ones do you feeeel the best in? Then try to pare it down to six!

Follow The ‘One (or two) Year Rule’

Is there an item in your closet that’s been there over a year and it still have the tag on it? Then you have to follow the ‘one year rule.’

What’s the one year rule?

It means getting rid of anything that’s been in your closet for over a year that you haven’t worn.

This is a great time to either sell that item to make some extra change or donate it to a thrift store and make someone’s day.

Either way, if it’s been in the closet for 1 year it’s time for it to go!

Make a Toss it, Donate, & Sell It Pile

I have nothing to wear

One of the hardest things to do is part with your treasured clothes. We wear some of our favorite outfits to death, but there comes a time where we need to let things go.

To help you out as you are cleaning through it all, make a few piles (girl, I know)… While you have your keep pile, your toss pile can get a bit overwhelming…

So, it is best to break it down into more! If your favorite pair of jeans are worn beyond repair and the bottoms are becoming shredded, it’s time to throw them out.

There are many people out there who want to build fashionable wardrobes, but don’t have the big bucks to do so, so your gently worn items?

Donate! If you have high end clothes that are in impeccable shape, why not sell them? or at least consign them.



So those jeans that are tattered beyond repair or revival? Toss them. That dress that has lost shape, lose elasticity, whose hem is shot? Let her go, love.


Donating your gently used clothes is always a great way to give back to the community. Donating your gently used clothes could really help them out. Only donate clothes in good shape of course, those with rips and stains should be tossed out.


Ebay is a great place to sell your high end clothes for a reduced price. You can also organize a small yard sale to make money off of your old winter wardrobe right away!

Plus Size Consignment is another way to have make money as the items sell! The more you sell, the more cash you’ll have to buy your spring wear and who can resist that?

You may shed a few tears as you do so but hey, you’re making room for brand new things! Oh! Shopping!

That dried your tears up quickly didn’t it?

Hangers are EverythingFive Tips To Keeping Your CLoset Organized- Huggable hangers complete set

For me, this is everything… maybe it’s the organizational Virgo in me! But, I have noticed that the better the hangers, the better that your clothes love you and live.

Seriously! I mean, your hangers help care for your clothes, which is why it is important to switch out those wire ones for wood or felted hangers!

Also, those pesky tops and dresses with those fancy sleeves and straps? Yeah, the right hangers work all of that out!

Depending on the style of hanger, it will allow more space, can protect your clothes, and provide a better layout of your clothes.


Wooden hangers are nicer on you clothes and preserve shape! I enjoy hanging my clothes on ultra slim hangers to make more room for everything, and to keep it visually appealing (remember I love organization and order).

I happen to love Huggable Hangers.

Organize Your Closet

Once you’ve donated, sold or thrown your clothes away, it’s time to organize what’s left.  Buy canvas compartments for your shoes. Don’t forget to add hampers to your closet to neatly separate clean from dirty clothes.

Organizing your closet will make your fashion life a million times easier!

Are you feeling pumped now? Good! Cleaning out your closet doesn’t have to be as dreadful as it sounds!

Better yet, here is this really dope checklist that Bryce had at The Luxury Spot that I had to share with you!

spring cleaning tips infographic

In fact, it can be an enriching and cathartic feeling that gets your soul as well as your closet ready for the upcoming fashion season. Who knew there really is such a thing as too many clothes!

What tip will be using first, when spring cleaning out your closet?

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

What do you think?


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  1. I need to get rid of most things and shop till i drop because i have a very strong perception of myself now more than ever , i am “hotter” and i need a style to match with my hotness.

  2. really good advice — I like the one does it make your spirit soar!! Another idea when you begin is to take everything out of the closet and put it on the bed etc and then that way you either have to do it or else you have to sleep on top of your clothes that night 🙂 Also good tunes are an absolute must, not sure I would get much done if my friends were present as we would talk too much Cheers

    • I do it with the seasons. Mainly because summers here are so very warm and winters cool so really do have two wardrobes. And I apply that one year thing — if I know I haven’t worn it for that long I really need to say adieu. Also my girlfriend uses green garbage bags and she stores them in her garage for a further couple of weeks or more just in case she has a re-think and the item can be rescued. That way you won’t have any remorse. That being said I still have a couple of absolute favourite comfy sweaters that I know are well over twenty years old and No I am not parting with them however, I don’t wear them out and about ha ha Luv

  3. I also love cleaning out my closets several times a year. I simply buy too many things that I just don’t end up loving. You made a great point when you said to ask yourself if it brings you joy. Don’t hang on to clothes that don’t make you feel good!

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