Stepping on my Soapbox: Plus Size Models are Women Too…

Denise Bidot shot by Stanley Debas

Okay.  So something has been bothering me for a while and I hadn’t yet figured out how to address this within our community. Sizism with the Plus Size Community Yes, I said it.  Sizism and it is starting to get even nastier the more people have access to social media platforms as they voice their … [Read more...]

Taking Better Care of Me

Special K Challenge

  I have a problem. I don’t eat. Like, some days I go until 4 pm and realize, I haven’t eaten all day because I NOW have a headache. And its not intentional… I sit in front of my computer all day, with coffee in hand pounding tirelessly at the computer getting work done. Most of the time, … [Read more...]

Do We, as Plus Size Women, Want Nice Things?

Do we as plus size women want nice things

Yesterday, I shared a picture on my facebook wall, which happened to be a fake. However, this is not what I am writing about today. I am writing about the conversation that ensued behind this picture and the conversation had me thinking… In response to the picture: “but realistically a bikini … [Read more...]