It’s a Twitter Party! Join me on Sunday to talk Golden Globe Fashion with Diet Pepsi and Friends!

Sofi€™a Vergara Pepsi commercial Los Angeles

  Say What? Yes! A Twitter Party! Join me on THIS Sunday as I host the Diet Pepsi “Love Every Sip” Golden Globes Twitter Party with Whitney from Mommies With Style, @WhitneyMWS! I know you may be asking what does Diet Pepsi and the Golden Globes have to do with fashion? BUT, if you have … [Read more...]

A Plus Sized Night at 2012 The Golden Globes

Plus Size Fashion at the 2012 Golden Globes

Last night, if you were watching, was a fun night to watch the Golden Globes! For the Curvy Fashionistas, we had not one or two, but four voluptuous women grace the red carpet and stage- serving us different levels of glamour! SERVING it, you hear me!?! Queen Latifah, Amber Riley, Melissa … [Read more...]

Two Curvy Fashionistas bring a hit and miss for the Golden Globes: Amber Riley vs. Gabby Sidibe

Amber Riley in Oliver Tolentino

Last night, Twitter was abuzz with commentary, especially myself (who ended up in Twitter jail for an hour!) about the delectable parade of fashion hits, bores, misses, and the what were they thinking! Amber Riley One of my FAVORITE Curvy Fashionistas on the red carpet right now held nothing … [Read more...]

2010 Golden Globes- what the Curvy Fashionistas wore

Gabby Sidibe 2010 Golden Globes

Last year, we had quite a few curvy cuties putting their best curve forward, and this year we have two major and two on the smaller side of plus, but curvy none the less.  After watching the golden globes last night, I was quite tickled with the mirage of fashion that sashayed down the red carpet, … [Read more...]