Gotta Have It: Leather and Lace with ASOS Curve

Gotta Have It: asos curve leather and lace

Um, excuse me. Leather AND LACE? Yes, Ma’am I will take one, please with expedited shipping. This little number from ASOS Curve had me stop in the middle of my research, add it to my shopping bag, and examine and imagine it all over my bawwwwdddyyy. Who would have thought? I mean. We … [Read more...]

OOTD: Back When I was Blonde… in Stop Staring

Curvy Fashionista OOTD Back When I was Blonde

So, I found a few outfit posts that I had seriously forgot to share! I am seriously bad at posting my outfits, and am really trying to get better at this…. Back when I was rocking blonde hair this summer, I had a blast in this look as I headed out! I wanted to play in my Stop Staring dress that … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: Asos Curve Studded Mixed Media Jacket

Gotta Have It: Asos Curve Studded Mixed Media Jacket

I saw this jacket over the weekend. I stopped, stared, gawked, and got happy. I mean for reals! When was the last time that we have had a coat sooo fashion forward and edgy that will transcend seasons and trends? Well In my mind it will! Today’s Gotta Have It comes to us from ASOS Curve. Yes, this … [Read more...]

Asos Curve drops it’s Fall 2012 Look Book

ASOS Curve Fall 2012 Look Book

For the first time, ASOS has released a look book for its plus size line, ASOS Curve, giving us their interpretation and inspiration from the women’s wear main-line collection.  This is major. You see, ASOS starting to include plus size fashion in its trend reports shows them understanding and … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: ASOS Curve Triangle Plated Belt and a Few More

Asos CUrve Triangle Studded belt-001

A few months back, I talked about belts and my desire to have high fashion, non elastic stretching ones. It seems like the universe has heard my cry! LOL I do not know why it took me this long to write about these belts, but if you are anything like me whose daily internet browsing includes ASOS … [Read more...]

FFFWeek 2012: What I Wore Where

The Curvy Fashionista at FFFWeek- What She Wore

As I am still recapping the designers, the happy times, and the fashion, I thought I would take a break to share the looks I rocked while in New York! It was warm; I knew my days would be long, so I needed to be both comfortable and somewhat fashionable! The only situation I found myself with was … [Read more...]