• CamillaJaynePlusSizeFashion

    Who are these designers?

  • http://twitter.com/AlfinasPlaceInc Alfina HopkinsWasnuk

    There are so few retailers who sale plus size fashions that I’m proud to be one of them. Thank you for giving some of the names of these designers I shall pass it on.

  • Vasmcs1

    I am looking for the male designer who was on a tv show that started  a new store for plus sized women and had beautiful clothes. His mother was a robust woman and the store is named after her. can anyone help me with this?

  • moomoo

    very nice clothes

  • Annozella

    It is so refreshing to see that the full figure can be classy and elegant.  People are under the conclusion that you have to be under 100 lbs. to be sexy. Sexy is what you want it to be. Television is a big culprit of this illusion.

  • Ambert

    I am seriously in love with the yellow! Can you tell us who designed the dresses and shoes in the image, please?

  • amylbj

    Omg the link isn’t working for me to find out who does the red dress, can anyone help me???

  • Skyywinters

    I am opening a plus size boutique in my area. I would love to get some fresh new designs for all types of clientele.

  • rebeca

    I will like to buy some of these cloths, how can i get them?