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Fashion + Tech makes for A Happy Girl: I talk Tech, Fashion, and HP’s Design Contest!

You know, I am a bit of a nerd. Love the tech side of things, love reading about the newest developments in how tech has moved the needle forward in fashion. Think about it, we now have:

  • Instagram
  • Smartphones
  • Blogs
  • Tablets
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • The Ultrabook
  • Streaming Fashion Week Shows
  • Pinterest

Fashionable Tech Accessories

and these only scratch the surface!

All of which make fashion and our lives so much more fashionable, accessible, and convenient; that allow us to live in the NOW of fashion. In addition to this, the advent of tech has allowed our tools of the trade to be just as chic and sassy and sexy as we need them to be… I mean have you seen some of the phone covers they have out there? DIVINE! I used to rock a blinged out cover for my older phone and felt fab and glam every time I used it. It made me smile!

HP’s Design Contest!

Fashion and Tech come together

So when I heard about the HP design contest… it made complete sense! I mean, tech and fashion DO go hand in hand! Whether you are a geek, nerd, a Fashionista, or a combination of all three like me, I do care what covers/protects my tech tools!

BUT, what if you had the chance to fashion your own tech accessories? No, for real! I mean, like HP has this REALLY COOL design contest that gave a few fans the chance to design a stylish and sleek laptop bag perfect for the small size of the Ultrabook!! (I AM DYING FOR an ULTRABOOK!)

*puts this on Christmas list*

HP Design and Project Runway Contest

AND WE get to VOTE!

The winner will be chosen by Jill of, the writers at Core 77, as well as the ever-so-cool Mondo from Project Runway. You can cast your vote here, at!

If you are Project Runway Fan like me (save for Ven Budhu), you have noticed how HP has amped up the tech side of things with the sketch pad and fabric design! I kind of trip out over that… lol. I mean if that is not an example for you, I do not know what is!

VOTE for YOUR Fave Now! 

How has the advent of tech made your life in fashion easier? Has it amplified it? I know that just by reading the blog, tech has already opened a few doors for you and me to communicate! :)


**This post is sponsored by the sleek, stylish, lightweight HP Spectre XT Ultrabook™, inspired by Intel. Vote for your favorite bag design! **HP logo

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