In Love with @MelodyEhsani and her latest arrivals

Melody Ehsani

Melody Ehsani is a jewelry beast. When it comes to jewelry, this LA designer brings attitude, flair and drama- all while keeping her pieces accessible and wearable! I found Meldoy Ehsani via Twitter a few years back. I remember clearly as I was mesmerized and in awe. Then I realized, with all my adoration, I have never featured her on my site!

“I design to upset the equilibrium. I design to inspire. I design to serve. I design because I was created to do so.” Melody Ehsani

So I had to remedy this immediately! Perfectly timed to as her newest arrivals fashioned her updated site! For someone like me who DIES for a dramatic earring, homegirl has it! And then the coolest thing happened.

I Met Her.

At Jason Richardson’s party. I tried to play it as cool as a cucumber, because if you don’t know, girlfriend is kind of major. LOL She was sooo nice and chill! All of course, made me love her even more!

But for her designs? Let me share with you some of my favorite ones from her newest arrivals!

The SuperNova

Melody Ehsani Supernova Earrings


The Taes Crescent

Melody Ehsani Taes Crescent Gold


The Andromeda

Melody Ehsani Andromeda


The Abyss

Melody Ehsani Abyss


The Trap

 Meldoy Ehsani Trap Earrings



See?! Bananas right? You can jet over to Melody Ehsani Now! Make sure you follow Melody Ehsani on Twitter too!

What do you think? Do you have a favorite? Have you donned a piece from the Melody Ehsani Collection?

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