Gotta Have It: ASOS Curve Triangle Plated Belt and a Few More

A few months back, I talked about belts and my desire to have high fashion, non elastic stretching ones. It seems like the universe has heard my cry! LOL

I do not know why it took me this long to write about these belts, but if you are anything like me whose daily internet browsing includes ASOS Curve, but they have been doing an amazing job of catering to this need of mine.

And this belt? With where my style seems to be headed, takes the cake (along with a few others!).  This Triangle Plated Belt from ASOS Curve makes me quite happy. Quite.

Asos CUrve Triangle Studded belt

And here is the Back!

Back of ASOS Curve Triangle plate belt

I immediately can imagine the scenarios in which this belt would be the star. Especially for fall! Over a Black midi bodycon dress. Woven in between a tunic  or switched out as the belt for a cape? Yes, the possibilities here are endless. What is even better is that while it is on trend this upcoming season, this belt would get quite a wear beyond fall! And THAT makes it a gotta have it piece!

You can score this belt from ASOS Curve, and while you are there, take a peek at a few other belt finds!

Like this one:

ASOS CURVE Wide Stud Panel Waist Belt

 ASOS CURVE Wide Stud Panel Waist Belt

This One:

Asos Curve Metal Plate Bow Waist Belt

Asos CUrve Metal Plate Bow Waist Belt

And This One:

ASOS CURVE Leather Obi Waist Belt

 ASOS CURVE Leather Obi Waist Belt

How would you wear this belt or any of the ones above?? Do you have a belt or two from ASOS Curve? Share your love for them below!

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