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It’s Here: H&M Plus Sizes in Select Stores and I tried it on…

H&M+ Launches Inside Select Stores

So, imagine my surprise yesterday, while perusing Pinterest (are you on there, follow me!) I stumbled upon a share of an H&M + top with the reference that it is available in Culver City.


H&M Plus Sizes in Stores Now

What?Quickly I dashed to the H&M Website to see the plus size collection online (but you could not buy from the US Site). So, here is why I was confuzzled. I have been tweeting, emailing, questioning who ever would answer, the status of H&M+ online for the US- With NO information about it launching in stores!

So, I headed over to the store locator, punched in California and VOILA! Two stores in all of California have H&M Plus. I called. Both Ontario Mills and Culver City (their highest trafficked stores) had a section (from what I understand and have gathered has varied from store to store) of plus sizes, pulling items from their basics and fashion!

I met with the store manager and the department manager to find out more details about the collection and here is what we know:

  • ·H&M+ is being tested in select stores
  • ·If successful, they will develop it out into more doors and more collections
  • ·Like Forever 21 and ASOS Curve, it is a minimal collection and will hopefully evolve
  • ·The line has been out for two weeks

I tried on a few items too! Please bear with me, as I only had my Bloggie and Camera Phone! LOL

[portfolio_slideshow exclude_featured=true showtitles=false  showdesc=true carousel=true]

I made a fell swoop throughout the collection and tried on quite a few pieces and here is what I gathered from the line:

  • ·It runs more on the Junior Plus Side (like Forever 21) I am a 16 or 18 and in the bottoms, I fit a 18 or 20 comfortably. The tops, while they start at a large, I felt most comfortable in a 1 or 2X.
  • ·It has a more sophisticated vibe from other fast fashion locations. Suiting, basics, and fashion pieces were not too over the top. I liked a few of their fashion tops- Bought one too!
  • ·The plus size line’s prices are not higher just because it is plus. Everything costs the same across the board! This is great news.
  • ·The team (at Ontario) is really excited and receptive to feedback about the collection- So Give Feedback!


Q. What do you think? This is really exciting and I do hope H&M+ rolls out to be a fully fledged collection and mainstay at H&M! We have to start somewhere and I am quite optimistic!

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