It’s Here: H&M Plus Sizes in Select Stores and I tried it on…

H&M+ Launches Inside Select Stores

H&M+ Launches Inside Select Stores

So, imagine my surprise yesterday, while perusing Pinterest (are you on there, follow me!) I stumbled upon a share of an H&M + top with the reference that it is available in Culver City.


H&M Plus Sizes in Stores Now

What?Quickly I dashed to the H&M Website to see the plus size collection online (but you could not buy from the US Site). So, here is why I was confuzzled. I have been tweeting, emailing, questioning who ever would answer, the status of H&M+ online for the US- With NO information about it launching in stores!

So, I headed over to the store locator, punched in California and VOILA! Two stores in all of California have H&M Plus. I called. Both Ontario Mills and Culver City (their highest trafficked stores) had a section (from what I understand and have gathered has varied from store to store) of plus sizes, pulling items from their basics and fashion!

I met with the store manager and the department manager to find out more details about the collection and here is what we know:

  • ·H&M+ is being tested in select stores
  • ·If successful, they will develop it out into more doors and more collections
  • ·Like Forever 21 and ASOS Curve, it is a minimal collection and will hopefully evolve
  • ·The line has been out for two weeks

I tried on a few items too! Please bear with me, as I only had my Bloggie and Camera Phone! LOL

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I made a fell swoop throughout the collection and tried on quite a few pieces and here is what I gathered from the line:

  • ·It runs more on the Junior Plus Side (like Forever 21) I am a 16 or 18 and in the bottoms, I fit a 18 or 20 comfortably. The tops, while they start at a large, I felt most comfortable in a 1 or 2X.
  • ·It has a more sophisticated vibe from other fast fashion locations. Suiting, basics, and fashion pieces were not too over the top. I liked a few of their fashion tops- Bought one too!
  • ·The plus size line’s prices are not higher just because it is plus. Everything costs the same across the board! This is great news.
  • ·The team (at Ontario) is really excited and receptive to feedback about the collection- So Give Feedback!


Q. What do you think? This is really exciting and I do hope H&M+ rolls out to be a fully fledged collection and mainstay at H&M! We have to start somewhere and I am quite optimistic!

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Comments (38)

  1. all those tops look a bit boring, i cant wait we are finally getting a H&M here in Houston,.  I could have sworn they had a plus size section in the new york city store years ago when i used to visit Manhattan

    1.  There was a plus size section – BiB – in 2 of the NYC stores, but they’ve been gone for years.  I’d love to find out if any of the stores here (in NYC) have the test collection now.

  2. I’m not sure why you are so surprised… H&M plus line is not new! 
    We had it in Israel too but they said due to lack of clients they removed it from the stores. 

    1. Because we are in America and did not have it previously available HELLO. It doesn’t help me if they sell it half across the world. And they don’t have online shopping.

      In fact, people will continue to be surprised and excited as they offer this collection at more stores. Right now it is a very small
      and limited collection and is only offered in a handful
      of stores.

    2. Hi there! I am not sure if you know, but I am based here in the states! We have only the pics online with no option to buy, this is NEW to us here in the US! Hence, this is why I really wanted to show and share our excitement! 

      1. I was in H&M in Chicago last week and the associate told me they are getting ready to lauch the online site soon. So hopefully before the Fall really gets here we will be able to shop online in the US!

  3. I’m really excited about this! I was just thinking of writing to H&M to ask if there were any future plans for a plus size line. Looks like I’ll have to make a field trip to Culver City soon!

  4. I am a curvy fashionista to the fullest. When I heard h&m was bringing back the plus line , I was very much excited. When I walked into the H&M on 34th street in nyc, I was surprised the line was out already, however I was not to thrilled about some of the pieces. Over sized shirts, the lets say party or work tops not to thrilled with, but I must say I was looking for some good spandex pants and I found a pair. Riding pair. Price was moderate about $24. I feel tht just because I am kurvy, does not mean I wanna wear shirts down to my ankles and flowers all over the place. They need a bit more work, some of the pieces where nice, but I wanna wear what the less kurvy girls wear. H&m make it happen… My opinion,go try and look for yourselves… Chow fashionista

    1. 🙂 Well hello! I know exactly what you mean! There were tons of basics and a beginning assortment! I hope as it becomes well received, they will offer the same! At least they do not make their prices higher just because its plus! 

  5. I wish my STL stores had it! I will have to wait till I go to NYC in June or if a Chicgo store has it I can check it out the end of March

  6. Writing from Toronto, Canada here and haven’t heard a anything (!) about H&M rolling out their plus size line to us curvy girls up north.

  7. I noticed the collection hit stores a few weeks ago in Chicago when I was regularly browsing the racks. I bought the green pants (loved the color) and the polka dot top. The sizes were a bit off to me too, especially in the bottoms. I liked the sophistication of the line, lots of day-to-night pieces!  BUT, I agree with the other comments about not wanting to wear all over-sized tops. It’s hard to look at that little plus size section with little color and design when the other clothes are so amazing. I’m a big fan of H&M, so I hope they add more fun pieces to the plus collection.

      2. I agree with you in the sizing and 
      Yes, there is a grown up feeling to it, lots of basics, and more to be welcomed… I just hope that they read through the comments and see we are hungry for everything ELSE in the store!!!!

      1.  Lol, thanks! I hope they read the comments too. This could be great for them, then hopefully more stores join the bandwagon.

  8. My husband is in the military and we are currently living in Madrid, Spain. I literally did a little dance when I walked into an H&M and saw their plus size section this spring. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it is to find plus size fashion here and it was even worse when we first arrived and I was pregnant! This is my saving grace. I too find the sizes running a bit in the junior size and the bottoms can be difficult to find a good fit if you have a pear shape, so TRY THEM ON! Love this and looking forward to more pieces!

  9. This just made my day! Have been shopping in H&M for years for son, husband…and rarely myself. Thank you!!

  10. I’m going to have to go to Ontario Mills to check out the new collection because I love H&M and always saddened that I could only pick a few tops since I am curvy! 🙂 Thank you for letting us know!

  11. I wish more plus brands would come to Canada. It’s quite frustrating to see all these wonderful clothes and lines coming to fruition in the States. Forever21+ is only available in major cities like Toronto or Montreal (but not in the nation’s capital, where I live(!)), so my only bet is to order online. It’s particularly difficult because I’m an in-between 12/14, so standard sizing guides can be tricky. AGH! I only hope that if all this great innovation within the plus size market is happening just south of the border, it will be here soon too.

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