Behind the scenes of the plus size fashion gala: Kiss the Curves

Before the lights, the makeup, the glitz, and the glam of such a successful show, the women and men behind the scenes of Kiss the Curves fashioned their talents together to paint us an amazing picture of plus size beauty!  Kiss the Curves was four fabulous months in the making, with countless hours, a barrage of emails, uncounted phone calls, and meticulous excel spreadsheets, all carefully executed and an amazing selection of the talent to make it work!

What goes into such a successful show?

First, one has to have and see the vision- that is a must, and just what executive producer Tracie Collins had.

Rehearsals for Kiss the CUrves Through referrals, Tracie found me, The Curvy Fashionista, and I was game as the show’s lead stylist! The Bay had no idea of what was to come!  Our fashion show was long overdue!  JD Angle- the production/lighting/sound engineer brought his technical skills to the table! Charleston Pierce brought hi s mad experience with runway training and fashion shows to the table, and our heavy hitting roster was growing!!!

My publicist, Renee Jennings joined the team- she brought her media fire!!!

Tracie’s mother, Wanda corralled the vendors, Ardra catered to the entertainment, and Tamiko lead the charge of the volunteers for the event!

With the team fashioned, as I am a bit bias, we were ready to take the Bay Area by storm!  However, the talent for the show was not complete! Often overlooked, are the makeup artists, styling team, and hair, all who put the fashionable looks together for us to gaze at in amazement for the show!

Saturday morning, our day started at 10 am (actually the day before with hair) with our two lead beauty stylists, Tracey Brown of Blinging Beauty and Mahogany Butterfly (and so much more) and Elle Mc Can of Elle Mc Beauty Studio in Berkeley.  Tracey Brown rallied the makeup team, consisting of Keke, Bernice, and students from Alameda Beauty College (a special thanks to the dean- NICK!). The remaining Alameda Beauty students assisted Petra and Elle with hair throughout the day to ensure every hair was laid perfectly!

The two lead stylists (dressers) assisting me amongst the fervor of fashion were Miss (the ever so stylish) Marlene, and Ms. Tina Dailys (of you haven’t read her blog- you should!!) as I ensured hair, makeup, and the fashions were all checking in and being lined up properly!  In addition, we had Ra’chelle, Maybelline, and Sydney join the stylists/dressers for the show! Where would we be without dressers!?!

Prep for Kiss the CurvesMy lead stylists for the show- Marlene and Tina

Stylists for Kiss the Curves

Last minute rehearsal were going throughout the day with Mr. Charleston on stage with the models, while breaks were taken for the fabulous vocalists warming up (and beautifully wooing us!). Before we knew it, it was six and the doors were finally open!  The designers in attendance, Anna of A clothes mind, Veronica of Tru Diva, Bay Area designers Corinthia of Corinthia Peoples Designs, Yulia of Igigi, Donna of Isles of Paradise, and Ashley Stewart were all excited and full of smiles!

The stage was set as Sterling James of KBLX sashayed stylishly onto the stage, welcoming everyone to the show! While the show kicked off in the front, all the talent in the back was dancing to the beat of the plus size fashion music! Everything went so fast but so nice!

Our stage managers (the sister designer duo of Linzel) kept us on queue and ensured a smooth show- THANK YOU!

As the show ended, it was hard to believe it was all done!  We had finally done it!  With a standing room only crowd, cheers, oohs and ahhs, claps and praises, Kiss the Curves was a success! Had it not been for the amazing team, we could not have pulled off a show that will surely go down in Bay Area plus size history!

I am so honored to have been a part of it!

Thank you to all who worked sooo hard!

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