Marie Denee’s experience at the California Women’s Conference

Thanks to Opportunity Fund and that assisted me with my small business loan to launch , I was invited to be a part of the WE Invest booth to display my business and speak to its benefits.  What I did not realize was the lifelong memory I would take with me!

The California Women’s Conference, set in Long Beach California, was a two- day whirlwind of empowered and self- assured women who all came together to support, encourage, uplift, and motivate each other!

I was not alone in my venture down to Southern California.  Accompanying me were several other women business owners who were also recipients of the small business loan!  From a plumber, food service, vintage boutique owner, custom woman’s chef jacket maker, chiropractor, photographer, we all came together over these two days determined to share and promote each other amongst the amalgamation of women who strolled by the WE Invest booths!

WE Invest booth at the California Women's Conference

WE Invest booth at the California Women's Conference

The day kicked off with a bang with “The Night Under the Stars” welcoming women in to the conference’s start! Because I manned my booth, I was unable to venture around to see the plethora of astounding women who were present to represent their business, however, I was fortunate to meet some amazing ones who stopped by mine!

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I set up my booth, (this being my first trade show showing ever!) and started to greet any woman with curves to my table!  I stumbled over my words the first couple of times, but at the end of the day’s events, I had my elevator pitch down to a science!  It was amazing!  If I had any self-doubts then, they are gone now!

Miss @LosAngelista from Twitter stopped by to say hey! It is always fabulous to meet people in real life! In addition to meeting her, I caught up with @designsbyDB who also tweets with @SvobodaStyle!  I was able to jump over to @MsandMrs booth and check out their life saving emergency kits!

I was also fortunate to meet Miss Robin from Good Morning America, Maria Shriver AND her daughters!!!! Shawn Robinson from Access Hollywood!! Val, the makeup artist of Shawn and Media Mogul Oprah! It was a blessed two days, meeting such fabulous women who have knocked down barriers, inspired many, and are living their dreams!

California Womes Conference

California Womens Conference

This is just the beginning of Marie Denee- The Curvy Fashionista and I thank YOU, my readers, supporters, mentors for giving me so much motivation, guidance and support for making things happen!

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  1. Hey Marie! What an awesome experience. I am so proud of you for taking the plus size torch to the next level. When one of us promotes the awesome plus size industry and the millions of women who represent women size 14 and up, it is a celebration for us all. Keep up the good work!
    Love Ya,


  2. Congratulations Marie, it looks like it was a fantastic event and what you do is truly inspirational.
    Lots of love and support coming your way

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