COOL NEWS: Size Diversity Showcased at Lingerie Fashion Week

Secrets in Lace at Lingerie Fashion Week

There has been quite the influx of plus size on the runways for fashion week and for Lingerie Fashion Week in New York, they sent a varied range of women down the runway in the latest trends and designs for the spring season- INCLUDING plus sizes! I am ready and here for all of it too! In its 4th … [Read more...]

TLC’s Curvy Brides Shines the light on Curvaceous Couture Bridal

TLC’s Curvy Brides Shines the light on Curvaceous Couture Bridal

Mark your calendars and set your DVR’s as the plus size community has a new show to tune into, and this time it is addressing one of the most challenging situations- being a plus size bride to be. Finding the dress is all but rare, to experience the FULL experience as the straight size bride and … [Read more...]

Kath Read and Fat Shaming by Strangers, Why is this OK?

fat shaming

I came across a story of Fat Heffalump blogger and fat activist, Kath Read, telling the story of being photographed in public by strangers. Not because they thought she was awesome and gorgeous and just couldn't resist asking her for a photo, but because they wanted to make fun of her size and the … [Read more...]

PLUS SIZE NEWS: Wet Seal to Open Plus Size Stores

Wet Seal to Open Plus Size Stores

Recognizing the power of the newly emerging plus size shopper and her sizable piece of the retail pie, Wet Seal announced last week that as it exits its Arden B business, they will replace 31 of those doors with standalone Wet Seal and Wet Seal Plus Size Stores! Let me share this once again:  Wet … [Read more...]

Jenny Packham 2015 Bridal Collection Features Plus Size Models

Jenny Packham 2015 Bridal Collection - Marquita Pring

Over the weekend while I was recouping from my vacation, I kept seeing photos of Marquita Pring and Ashley Graham pop up in reference to plus size bridal and immediately I had to get on it and share with you. You see, last week was New York Bridal Fashion Week (I obviously need to be checking these … [Read more...]

This Week in Plus Size News: 02.01.2014


In case you missed it! Check out a recap of the this week's best plus size news stories. Nicolette Mason has a kick ass response to the Jezebel $10k bounty offer for un-retouched photos of Lena Dunham. Help her raise $10k for Women's Empowerment. Glee's Amber Riley's new plus size fashion … [Read more...]

Plus Size News: Marina Rinaldi x Marie Claire Italia Plus Size Editorial- I’m in it!

Marie Claire Italia Plus Size Editorial

Okay, so if you have been following along, in July, I jetted off to Italy to shoot the Marina Rinaldi Campaign, #WomenAreBack. Myself, along with 11 other bloggers from across the world were featured in a fabulous campaign set to launch THIS WEEK! Woot! H O W E V E R While there, I was asked by … [Read more...]

Too Fat To Advertise?

lane-bryant-ashley-graham (1)

There is a tug of war right now in plus size fashion. On one hand you have articles touting the spending power and untapped market of the plus size shopper and on the other hand, you have articles like the one Fashionista penned this past week, highlighting the woes of advertising, media, and the … [Read more...]

A Dollar Will Make You Holla: The Rise of the Plus Size Shopper

Modcloth Goes Into Plus Sizes

Could it be true? Is the Fashion Industry Taking Note? Plus Size Fashion Equals Dollars Last week, there was quite a conversation being had in the fashion industry. This conversation that is paramount to pay attention to is this first one, starting with Anna Wintour, Kate Upton, and Christine … [Read more...]

MediaPlanet fashions a New Plus Size Special Issue inside USA Today

Media Planet Plus Size Fashion insert in USA Today

Back for its third installation, (you can see #1 here, and #2 here) MediaPlanet brings us a mini feature inside today’s USA Today with the theme: YOU DESERVE FASHION NOW And Guess what? I wrote the intro! Hehehehe. Yes, I am geeked, honored, and excited! I wrote an intro based on … [Read more...]