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Can We DEAD this “Plus Size” Label Discussion? It’s Tired

Can We DEAD this “Plus Size” Label Discussion? It’s Tired

dead the plus size label conversation

Just Make Dope Plus Size Clothes. PERIOD.

I have been sitting on my hands for this, venting to the homies, fellow bloggers, industry folk, and the readers here and on Facebook about this.

It seems like the hottest industry trend is to ditch, drop, or to rename the term “Plus Size.”

Courtney Noelle plus size fringe skirtWHY?

Like, for reals… why are you doing this?

All of these folks trying to detract, derail, and co-opt the conversation with their thoughts about the term “plus size” is only bringing you negative attention, just so you now. As we read your latest post, we are sighing and rolling our eyes at you as we scroll down the screen.  Then as one online outlet publishes their feature or interview, it gets shared and then like wildfire brands, models (really? Why!), and other sites are pivoting to change their message.

It really makes you look silly, out of touch, dismissive, oh! and also ignorant.


If y’all would just listen to your shoppers, readers, and customers, you would know that we are irritated as [email protected]*, tired, and frustrated about the high jacking of the plus size conversation.

We (collectively) are fine with shopping in the plus size departments and with designers who carry our sizes as long as YOU CARRY it, merchandise it, and make it a destination, rather than treating us as a castaway and/or outcast.


The Chic Minimalist: The Luxe Collection From Pop Up Plus on #TCFStyle


Now, we have headlines about plus size fashion ONLY being centered on how we identify; only causing more harm, confusion, and frustrations within the community and industry.  A new collection? New breakout model? Bloggers to watch? Curve for a Cure? Nope. None of that… these magazines, brands, and retailers are trying to change the conversation, trying to push back against the confidence yielding, fashion forward loving, and rightfully frustrated narratives being put out there.

It is wasted energy, ink, and time.

Do not change it to another name, start a hashtag campaign, or instagram contest… JUST MAKE DOPE CLOTHES. PERIOD. And stop making it all about a term that HELPS US SHOP. K? Thanks.

And for the magazines who want to cover, convert to, or randomly feature plus size as a traffic generator, we see you. To those who wouldn’t dare feature plus, rejected pitches are only NOW discovering the plethora fashionable plus size women, bloggers, and influencers who are leading the conversations, we see you boo!

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Why are you prematurely having a conversation about names when we cannot even get all of the clothes we want, need, and desire?

dead the plus size label conversation


Cart before the horse here.

You want to be inclusive and forward thinking yet we are still fighting for more options (which are happening) IN STORE and online.

I mean, if you want an excuse to use size 8, 10, and 12 models in the plus size arena, then say that. Say that you want to be inclusive, but give us diversity and ranges of sizes- DO NOT try to distract, cover, and change the narrative.

It is seriously tired.

I could go on and on here… but I am tired.

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