COOL NEWS! Meijer Announces Integration of Plus Size Apparel in Women’s Department!

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Michigan-based retailer, Meijer, had the wonderfully inclusive idea to group most women’s fashion sizes together in the same department. Shoppers are delighted.

Finally, friends of all sizes can shop together without that awkward “well, I’ll meet you back by the register later,” conversation after parting ways for one friend to shop in the “regular” department and another friend making a beeline for the “plus size” racks. Meijer’s 230 stores across the Midwest are beginning to integrate missy size small through plus 3X all on the same racks, and expect the full integration to be complete by early 2017. That means a size 4 friend and a size 24 friend will comb through the same shirts in the same place to find looks they feel good about.


Meijer Plus Size Fashion is Coming to All Stores!

This is obviously an important step in making women of most sizes and shapes feel included, worthy, and beautiful when shopping — and customers are already really touched by the move.

“Over the past few years, we’ve placed an increased focus on bringing more on-trend, affordable apparel to our customers,” said Peter Whitsett, executive vice president of merchandising and marketing at Meijer. “This fresh approach to shopping represents a continuation of that commitment, giving our customers the trends they’re looking for, regardless of what size they wear.”

Meijer customers are taking notice, too.

“I think that’s so amazing, the way Meijer is incorporating plus and the smaller sizes together,” said JoElla Saines, a Meijer customer from Normal, Ill. “Now everyone can shop together, not separate.”

As part of this merchandising change, the retailer is also rolling out equal pricing for all women’s apparel items, no longer charging more for plus sizes despite the higher production costs. The Midwest retailer is making this investment so all customers have access to fashion at the same price.

“Plus-size apparel is often priced higher than missy or women’s sizes,” said Annette Repasch, group vice president of softlines for Meijer. “We believe all our customers deserve to pay the same price for the same trends, regardless of size.”

Can we get an Amen for that?

Special thank you to Bryce from The Luxury Spot for sharing this post with us!  For more beauty, style, travel, and trending topics check out The Luxury Spot!

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Written by Marie Denee

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  1. I love Meijer. But I hope that it works out well. That I don’t see a ton of cute clothes and look for my size and find out that it doesn’t come in Plus Size. Because it gets a bit disappointing when it happens time after time. Don’t tease me. Lol

  2. I used to be a plus size before I lost a lot of weight. I always like their plus size selection. But the Junior sizing/fit is different then the Ladies sizing/fit which is different then the Plus size. It’s all different! I wish it was the same cause I like the Juniors stuff which doesn’t fit me right

  3. This sounds great but where I live there isn’t a store closer than an hour and a half. I’m not interested in driving to Toledo or Columbus to shop. If they would Open one in the Cleveland area then I’d be more excited about this.

  4. I noticed that in my local Meijer last week. I’ve already picked up a cute long black cardigan and a denim jacket. I have trouble with my arms fitting in jackets and theirs work great for me.

  5. I hope they offer some more attractive clothes soon. Ours is being renovated but last time i was in there all the plus clothese were plaid or giant oversized blankets. not a single piece of cute clothing. I’ll keep watching for this change though

  6. I wonder how the clothing will actually look and fit. Often when brands say they are going to offer items in extended sizes, they simply increase the dimensions without considering that things fit drastically different on a plus size body. You can’t just take a pattern made for a size 2 and increase all the dimensions without sacrificing fit. I think the intentions are good but I think the execution will be poor.

    • I have a couple of flannel shirts from Meijer that were the plus versions of regular sizes, and they fit my curves pretty well – as in, they seemed to have more room in the upper portion of the torso compared to regular sizes. But I find that Meijer clothes tend to flatter curvier bodies even in smaller and junior sizes.

  7. I noticed this after they remodeled our Meijer! I’m extremely proud, because Meijer actually started here in Greenville, Michigan and the home town store is where we shop. Michigan leading the way!

  8. Somebody, PLEASE do a follow-up/test drive ok this concept! As much as I adore the idea of being able to shop in an integrated way, I cannot help but feel apprehensive that this will result in more work for plus-sizes, and now we have to dig through multiple rounds and racks trying to find one thing we can wear.

    Prove this out. I’d do it but we don’t have a Meijer here in Dallas.

    Somebody go see if there is equal representation. We need statistics (how many plus-size options bs how many straight sizes) and side-by-side comparisons done.

  9. We don’t have those stores in my area, but I now *pretty much* only shop where they offer all sizes, like Torrid, offering sizes 10 to 30 and the Simply Be and JD Williams catalogs.

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