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Cool news! Plus Model Denise Bidot Lands New Olay Commercial!

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Oftentimes, brands think of inclusive beauty, and there’s only one perspective. But Denise Bidot’s Olay commercial seeks to change that. More and more faces of color are seen in major beauty campaigns.

But it’s high time size inclusivity be recognized, too. 

On Jan. 13, Olay unveiled its newest commercial. The ad features plus size model Denise Bidot who shows how she uses the brand’s Olay Wrinkle Correction Serum. While the ad discusses (and addresses) Bidot’s “tired skin” with the serum, the model’s ad spot means so much more than a simple skincare solution. 

Bidot’s Olay commercial is part of the brand’s Face Anything campaign. Plus, it’s a prime example of pushing the envelope forward for inclusion. 

More often than not, when we see plus size people in campaigns, its typically within the realm of fashion. Now that brands are paying attention to body types, its high time, we shift fat visibility into other industries. 

Denise Bidot’s Olay commercial is another milestone for the model. Bidot’s been making history since 2014 when she was one of the first plus size models seen during NYFW. She set off an inclusive campaign “Beach Body. Not Sorry” Campaign with Swimsuits for All in 2015. Plus, she’s been a player in Target’s designer collaborations with Lilly Pulitzer, Adam Lippes, and Marimekko.

Plus Size Women in Beauty Is Rare 

Denise Bidot Olay Commercial

Queen Latifah has done beauty campaigns for CoverGirl, Lizzo proudly wore a swimsuit in her “Juice” campaign for Absolut. And most recently, plus size (and then-pregnant) model Lydia René for Ulta.

Ultimately, the visibility of plus size women (especially women of color) in beauty campaigns — or anything other than fashion — is still fairly scarce. Seeing bigger fingers and a fuller face wearing natural makeup on a Latinx woman is something we don’t see every day.

And as a society, it’s time that notion change. 

Denis Bidot Olay Commercial

Have you spotted Denis Bidot’s TV commercial spot yet? What do you think about it? Who do you hope to see doing more ads in 2020?

Tell us all about it in the comments!

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Written by Ari

Ari is a plus-size blogger and writer with a focus on representation in fashion and beauty from a Black, fat, and queer perspective. Having worked in media for over 10 years, she has delved into television and fashion show productions as well as public relations. Ari and her work have been featured in Bustle, Apartment Therapy's sister site, The Kitchn, Revelist, Narcity, Refinery29, The Cut, the late, and now The Curvy Fashionista

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  1. I have seen the ad frequently, but I didn’t know who Denise Bidot was, let alone being a plus size model; I simply thought she was a musician or actress with a pretty face. The ad never shows her body, which is irrelevant to the ad anyway, but, because the ad doesn’t show her body, I really do not perceive this ad as a breakthrough ad involving plus size women. Redo the ad with a woman who does not have a conventionally attractive face like Denise, THEN you will have a breakthrough in advertising.

  2. Hi. I appreciate Denise’s ad even if I didn’t know her. It is a huge step for her and anyone to land a beauty makeup ad especially running on tv. I am petite size and I would love to have an ad like that. You dont need to see her body to prove anything is breakthrough. Nice work.
    Michelle xo

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