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Headed to Prom? We’ve Found 25 Fly Plus Size Prom Dresses

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Did you know that DIY-ing your prom dress is really big right now? Well, it is. But let’s be real here: it’s not for everyone. And that’s ok! Even more of a challenge? Finding that perfect prom dress as a plus size teen. Well… that used to be the case, but with more and more designers and retailers listening… we do have a few more options to play in! Seriously!

I remember my prom… I had my dress custom made off a sketch I did… I mean. The struggle was definitely real! But, with the way that the plus size industry has been growing, honey we have more than a few plus size prom dress options that will look killer for night out on the town celebrating your almost final hoo-rah in high school!

Are you ready to see what we have found for you?

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Here Are 25 Fly Plus Size Prom Dresses

You see what I mean, when I say options? Many are online only or have a ship to store option… but I can say there are more than a few playful looks, right? I mean… Can I go to a plus size prom? Or Adult Prom? I need a few of these looks and then a few events that I can rock them too!

Even cooler? The price ranges… whether your budget is under $100 or if there is no such thing as budget, honey… you have more than a few style, designs, and options to choose from! Right?

But! If you did not see a look that made you squeal with excitement, no worries! Throughout the week, we will be sharing a variety of options, designers, resources, and tips you can use as you search for your plus size prom dress!

We got you… PROMISE!

So if you are a plus size teen or know one looking for her perfect dress, make sure you share this with her, so she too, can be the belle of the ball!


And guess what? If you are looking for a plus size evening gown many of these will double as a dress for a more grown up occasion!

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