It’s a Recap! Dietland Episode 9 Gets Gangster!

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GIRL! Have you been watching and keeping up with Dietland? If not, you’ve been missing out. Things are getting good and this week on Dietland episode 9 it picks up where we left off last week with Plum leaving Calliope House and going rogue with Jennifer.  We also find out more about what Stanley’s got hiding in his closet as well as where’s Leeta? So, let’s get right to it. I don’t know where to start with this episode of Dietland. Plum has gone plum crazy with anger and revenge. She’s in a minivan with women from Jennifer and is ready to join in on their antics. In order for Plum not to see where they’re taking her, they put drops in her eyes to make her vision blurry.

Before you go on, please note: SPOILER ALERT

Dietland Episode 9 Gets Gangster!

What I loathed the most about this episode is all the flashing back and forth and hallucinations. It made it really hard to follow and to know what was real and what was not. So, from the van, it abruptly moves to Plum at home calling her mom in tears and saying something bad happened. I’m not sure whether she’s referring to Jack, Calliope, Jennifer or all of the above.

She never really says, but Plum does confess that she canceled the surgery. Her mom is relieved and says Anthony’s brother died from the surgery. Plum cries and tells her mom she has to go. But, then it randomly switches back to Plum and Jennifer in the van. Then it flashes to her on her couch back at the apartment. I am thoroughly confused at this point. Next, Plum hallucinates that Leeta is talking to her through the TV and then she’s sitting on the couch with her.

I can’t, lol. Like, what?

Leeta keeps telling Plum to find her; follow the breadcrumbs.

Plum Has A Heart To Heart

Plum calls Sana from Calliope to talk. They meet at a museum and Plum tells her about Jack assaulting her. It saddens me that Plum is making excuses for what Jack did to her; saying its her fault. She doesn’t want to go to the police and deal with all that comes along with that. Sadly, she feels like she could’ve stopped him and blames herself.

She heartbreakingly says that she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. It seemed easier just to let him do it and that he was a red flag factory. Plum tells Sana that maybe it’s the best that people like us can do. Sana replies, being assaulted is not the best you can do. Amen to that! Sana tries to convince Plum to go back to the Calliope house. Plum is not feeling it and balks she’s not enlightened enough for them and wants her life back.

“Losing weight won’t fix everything. I’ll still be me” — Plum

Plum at the Jennifer headquarters
Source: AMC/Patrick Harbron

The Jennifer Headquarters

Now we’re back to Plum and Jennifer. They’ve arrived at the Jennifer headquarters which is in a nondescript warehouse in Detroit. It’s dark, full of mannequins and women with laptops. The leader seems to be Belle who’s face is red from shingles. Listen, these girls did not come to play with you hoes. They came to slay, literally. One of the girls leads Plum to a shelf full of sleeping bags with names written on them. All of the names are names of Disney princesses; which is how the girls from Jennifer are named.

The girl yells that training starts tomorrow and they have no showers, but they do have hot water and to be ready by noon. OK, so, like, all these women been posted up in this warehouse for God knows how long with no showers just hot water. That place probably smells musty AF. Anywho, Plum writes Princess on her bag and heads to the hard ass wood pallet AKA the bed.

No ma’am. I wouldn’t have lasted.

Kitty Gets Ferocious

Meanwhile, back at Daisy Chain, Dominic gets documents on Stanley for Kitty. It includes tons of lawsuits and payouts for his conduct against women. Dominic says he’s out since she’s gotten what she needed. Kitty is pissed, but lets him go. Kitty calls a board meeting and passes out the documents.  She tells the board, all of them men, that she will leak the documents to competitors if she isn’t made the new CEO.

In addition, she alludes to having dirt on them as well. They aren’t thrilled to have a woman at the helm, but they all vote yes, except one dude who says he’s clean, to save their asses from embarrassment.

Dietland Plum and Belle
Source: AMC/Patrick Harbon

When Going Gangster Goes Wrong

Back at the Jennifer warehouse, shit gets real. Plum can’t sleep and decides to go on patrol with one of the girls. It’s at this point that Plum holds a gun for the first time in her life. Says it’s heavy, but it feels good. Plum is really trying to be a badass.

The next day, Belle tells Plum to make people act on the manifesto and bring about change. Plum says she can build activists through her writing. They take Plum to a gun range where she shoots a gun for the first time. Now, comes the real test to see if Plum really about that life. Belle takes Plum to a residential neighborhood. There’s a guy standing on the sidewalk smoking and looking at his phone.

Belle tells Plum that this guy was a soldier who sent a woman on a suicide mission and pays for sex with a 11-year-old girl at this house every day. Wow. Things just got real.

Belle tells Plum to empty the clip on dude and hands her a gun. Plum, visibly terrified tries to shoot him, but chickens out, starts crying and says she can’t. Plum inquires what’s going to happen to her now? In true gangster form, Belle says the group gotta vote on what happens to Plum since she knows too much.

GIRRRRRL! These girls are no joke. It’s like being initiated into a gang. Whew child!

Dietland Leeta
Source: AMC/Patrick Harbon

Lastly, Julia shows up at the beauty closet at Daisy Chain and says ‘its time’ to Eladio. He unlocks a door and we see Leeta in there rocking back and forth in the fetal position.


The plot thickens.

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Next week is the season finale and I’m intrigued to see how they wrap this up. I’ll be watching, will you?? Let us know in the comments.

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