Getting Into The Belly of The Beast With Dietland Episode 6 Recap!

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Hey hey! We’re back with Dietland episode 6 recap. Are you up to date? Make sure you read up on the previous episodes we’ve recapped here.

Let’s dish.

Getting Into The Belly-The Dietland Episode 6 Recap

Dietland opens this week with a FBI police chase. Remember the crazy stalker goth girl, Leeta? Well, some other chick put on a wig and dressed up as her and she was actually the one the police were chasing, not Leeta. She stops her car at a protest and is carried away by police. I was all types of confused. Why are we dressed as Leeta? Hmmm.

Plum is Trippin’

Meanwhile, Plum is at the Calliope House tripping. Nightmares, flashbacks and foolishness oh my! Plum keeps having flashbacks of the obnoxious men from last week as well as various other nightmares and hallucinations and it’s hard to keep up with what’s real and what’s not.

I don’t appreciate Dietland making me think this hard on a Monday night.

Source: AMC

Things Get Weird With Julia

Dominic is still sniffing around trying to track down Jennifer. He stalks Julia and ambushes her for questioning. Julia tells him what she wants him to know and keeps it moving. Julia then goes to chat with Kitty and confesses that she and Leeta were boo thangs, Leeta stole them emails and she probably executed the hack.

Why is Julia dry snitching on her girl though???

Kitty don’t want no heat from the FBI and tells Julia to keep her mouth shut. But get this, Kitty had the locks changed on Julia’s beauty closet office!! Kitty is a savage.

Source: AMC

Back at Calliope, Plum runs into Julia. Julia performs a ‘magic trick’ by stripping all the way down to her natural self.  She starts taking off all the fake stuff. Wig, lashes, eyebrows, makeup, clothes, errrything. It’s revealed that Julia’s had a mastectomy. She looks better without the makeup and wig honestly.

We also find out Julia used to be fat and she has ties to Verena.

Julia gets in bed with Plum and makes her cuddle–a little weird. She gives Plum a flash drive with her book that she’s been writing about the beauty industry. She tells her, if something happens to me, publish it. Plum only agrees if Julia answers one question:

“How did you go from writing an exposé to killing people?” Julia’s answer, “I didn’t”.

It’s been so long since anyone has touched on Plum that she was so happy to cuddle with Julia, lol. Poor thing.

This show just keeps getting weirder and weirder. I have to see what becomes of Plum, but I need them to tone down on the dreaming and nightmaring and flashbacking. This is like a train wreck that I can’t turn from!

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Dietland isn’t slowing down at all!

So what did you think of episode 6? Let me know down in the comments!

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