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Because We’re Loving Dietland Here’s Episode 3 Recap!

Dietland Episode 3 called Y Not, aired on AMC June 11. Here's a recap of everything that went down with Plum Kettle, Kitty Montgomery, Jennifer and the rest of the crew!

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Dietland premiered on AMC on June 4, 2018 and is taking the TV world by storm already. If you didn’t catch episodes 1 & 2, we’ve got you covered with our recap here. But let’s talk about Dietland episode 3, entitled “Y Not”. Beware friends, there are spoilers here!

Dietland Episode 3: Y Not?

Ok so, Plum is trying to wean off her meds, per Verina Baptist, and starts going through withdrawal and acting cray. She’s getting brain zaps, hallucinating, and responding to letters (and people) inappropriately. She’s sitting there talking to a man (supposed to be Dominic) dressed up as Benny the tiger and he’s trying to push up on her. LOL….I can’t.

Photo by Patrick Harbron/AMC

The good thing about her quitting her meds cold turkey is that she’s actually speaking her mind. On the other hand she is straight tripping and feeling on herself at the most random of times.

Because We're Loving Dietland Here's Episode 3 Recap!
Photo Courtesy of AMC

Over at Daisy Chain, Kitty wants Dominic to focus on Plum for the data breach investigation. This chick had the nerve to say that “large girls pretend to be joyful and harmless, but really are jealous of women like me”. GIRL BYE! Ain’t nobody thinking about you. Side note: I do have to say Julianna Margulies is rail thin in this show. I’m guessing she lost weight to look the part, but its a bit concerning.

” We [Women] can’t age, or we become invisible.” — Kitty Montgomery

Hello Fashion Week!

Dietland episode 3 takes place during fashion week. Daisy Chain threw a huge party, but it was shut down due to all these murders of trifling men. Oh yea girl, men are still being murdered and falling. from. the. sky. Anyway, back to the party being shut down.

So, Julia and Kitty go to a bar to drink and eat since the party was canceled and a tabloid paparazzi snaps a pic of them. Kitty had a chip in her hand and throws it down when Julia informs her of the guy snapping pics.

Kitty is not concerned about her privacy being violated and she’s upset because she was caught eating.

Mmmmmk. *blank stare*


As The Plot Thickens…

Meanwhile, Dominic drove Plum home form work and when she falls asleep he downloads her hard drive. SMH. When he goes home, he tells his wife Plum is his new informant. But, ummm, does she know that? When you gonna tell Plum this? Mmmmhhhmmm.


In the final scene, Plum has a very real emotional breakdown with her mom and Steven over her weight. I legit started to cry. I knew EXACTLY what she was talking about: what it’s like to be fat in society; how you’re treated, how it makes you feel and all the BS that comes along with that.

“I don’t hate myself, the world hates me.” –Plum

No one understands what it’s like unless you’ve been there and gone through it. Her speech gave me chills as sadly I’ve had that break down several times throughout my life. Being constantly told by society that you are less than just because of your weight is draining to even the most confident among us. It’s not us that needs to change, its everyone else.

Because We're Loving Dietland Here's Episode 3 Recap!
Photo Credit: Patrick Harbron/AMC

Kudos to AMC & Dietland for addressing these very real issues that plague the plus size community! It’s about time that the human side of our lives is shown. We can’t wait for episode 4 to drop!

Let’s chat. Are you watching Dietland? What are you thinking about Dietland so far? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for this post. I don’t tend to watch a lot of TV so I miss some good shows. Thanks to your blow I decided to give the first episode a go. 24 hours later and I only have episode 4 left to watch. I am loving where the show is going and so glad there is another show with a plus size women as the lead character rather than in the background or as the best friend!

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