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TCFBeauty: Some YOU Time-Beyond the Bubbles and Making the Perfect Bubble Bath

Who doesn't love a bubble bath! We here at The Curvy Fashionista are huge fans of the perfect bubble bath and share a few tips.

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Marie’s Note: I was approached by a fun and playful and talented illustrator, Tormented Sugar who wanted to contribute her love of beauty and fashion and her skills to the blog. Loving her enthusiasm and skills, happily and humbly, I accepted! I am all for varied voices, likes, and perspectives and eagerly welcomed her to the team! Please join me in welcoming her to The Curvy Fashionista with her first post! And since we are still celebrating self love, accepting love, learning to love ourselves, and the process, why not kick it off with a bit of YOU time?!


Hey ladies it’s SUGAR! I wanted my first Post for the Curvy Fashionista to be something special, and what is more special than taking that much needed relaxing time to focus on pampering yourself.

One easy surefire way to relax and just “do you” is taking a long hot bubble bath or shower!! As I type this, I have the urge to “save draft,” walk away, and jump in the tub! I am really into smelling lovely in the tub/shower and all about trying different fragrances and products while I am in the tub!!

There are a few that are my favorite staples I can’t live without like my Moisturizing Face Wash and one specific Razor I can’t live without. I will go more into detail below! Everyone is different as far as what they wash first, I start from the top and work my way down!

What does it take to make a perfect bubble bath?

  • Bubbles are essential, the more fragrance the better
  • Rose petal’s for your water is quite sexy!
  • A scented candle to get you relaxed
  • If bubbles aren’t your thing a nice alternative would be a fragrant bath bomb
  • A Bath Tray to hold a magazine or book and maybe glass of Wine! This DIY Bath Tray from Interior Fun seems kind of Amazing!

Bath Time Essentials:


I am all about Bed Head by Tigi “Moisture Maniac” Shampoo and Conditioner set I got from Costco, thinking about going back for another set before they rotate to some other product. It smells so good and feels so good on your hair when your washing it! I have dry hair so I need moisture, If I don’t have a moisturizing Shampoo I will turn into a maniac! j/k

Currently I have two face washes in my shower, Neutrogena Acne Facial cream cleanser I picked up a few from our local dollar store…yes I said DOLLAR STORE!! Can I get a WOO HOO! As well as my Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser which also acts as a makeup remover. I picked it up at a drugstore. I use little disk shaped two sided face cleansing pad from the dollar store. One side is smooth, the other scrubby…


I am obsessed with two different body cleaning tools, the Forever 21 Girl’s Exfoliating body towel and a regular full sized bath pouf.
I just recently made a Target run and picked up a two pack of body wash because my Kirkland body wash from Costco out, and OMG, the Suave Creamy Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter is so smooth and smells so yummy!

I always use Summer’s Eve delicate cleansing wash for those delicate lady part’s, I used to use soap like a crazy person and had drama like nobody’s mama! Summer’s Eve or any feminine washing product is officially where it’s at!!


The EOS “Evolution of Smooth” in Lavender Jasmine, this bottle is plastic so it will not rust like those aluminium can’s. I like a pump style applicator compared to a regular can of shaving cream that is super hard to push that button and hold at the same time!!

I use my exfoliating bath sheet for my leg’s prior to shaving. I read it’s better to use warm water because it open’s up your pore’s, and cold water closes them up. So after my shave I give a blast of cold rinse to my legs.

My favorite tried and true razor’s are by Venus. Currently, I’m all about the mini travel razor! It works GREAT for the bikini area because of the short handle. I also have a regular Venus razor in “embrace” for my leg’s.

Let’s Talk DRY!

I love everything about bath-time accept the getting out and drying off part!! Ok, and if I’m being honest, can’t stand the blow drying my hair part!!! That bubble bath got me like…

Where is your favorite place to buy Plus Size towels? I enjoy a good bath sheet so I can wrap it around my entire body.  A regular “bath towel” from most store’s do NOT wrap around my body!

If you’ve made it this far you deserve to go spoil yourself with a relaxing bubble bath!! Go grab some bubble’s and a magazine or good book! No electronics near the tub, safety first!! Get some candles if you have a safe area to place them!! Let’s be Sexy, Self loving and Safe ladies!!! Get it Girl!

Note: I am not affiliated with any brands, they are just what is in my shower currently.

XO Sugar

All Illustrations by ME! Tormented Sugar

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