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Curvy Carnival! Our Favorite Looks from NY’s West Indian Day Parade

Curvy Carnival! Our Favorite Looks from NY’s West Indian Day Parade

Curvy Carnival! Our Favorite Looks from NY's West Indian Day Parade

For most in the U.S., Labor Day is the last day of a greatly appreciated three day weekend. But for many in Brooklyn, New York… especially those of Caribbean descent, it’s a whole other cause for celebration! Hundreds of thousands take to Eastern Parkway in the Crown Heights section of the borough to wine it up and celebrate their West Indian heritage in a Curvy Carnival celebration. Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Bajans, Guyanese… which ever island they represent… They jump, wave their flags and dance the day away. In other words… it’s LIT!

One of my favorite aspects of the day (aside from the jerk chicken and … ahem… tasty adult beverages!) is the diversity of the men and women rocking costumes. From size 2 to 22, you will see women rocking sequins and feathers and believe me when I say, they slay equally! If you couldn’t make it to Brooklyn this year, fret not! The #WestIndianDayParade hashtag on Instagram is a one stop shop for living vicariously through the the beautiful folks in attendance. We’ve peeped IG and assembled some of our favorite curvy carnival looks over the years. Turn on your favorite soca jam and keep scrolling to check ’em out!!

Our Favorite Looks from NY’s West Indian Day Parade





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If these photos don’t make you want to throw on some calypso and shake it up a bit, you may need to check your pulse!! The West Indian Day parade is an opportunity for people of all shades, all nationalities, and more significantly, all sizes to gather together to celebrate their Caribbean culture. These bejeweled beauties fill me with inspiration, as I fully have plans to show up and show out on Labor Day in the future.

Tell us all about it in the comments, and if you’ve participated in your local West Indian Day parade, show ’em off… We cannot wait to hear from you!!!

Did you get your life checking out this collection of Caribbean Curvy Cuties at the Curvy Carnival?

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