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Dietland Episode 5 Delivers An Epic Side Eye

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Hey girl, hey! Are you all caught up on Dietland Episode 5?? Well we’re back with another recap so let’s talk about it! Remember, last week we saw what Verena was really up to with her New Baptist plan; Jennifer was still going around killing men; and Plum’s next step in the New Baptist plan was to get her groove back and go on some dates in which she wasn’t having it.

Dietland Episode 5 Delivers An Epic Side Eye

In this week’s episode Jennifer kills its first female victim. She’s a porn star, fashion mogul, and model named Stella Cross.  Apparently she was known for her rape porn videos. Who knew that was a thing? Smh. They said this chick broke her damn vagina.

Wait. A. Minute.

You can do that? LOL. Nope nope and nope.


Are you guys keeping up with the Jones' or in this case, Dietland? We've the the recap for Dietland Episode 5 here so let's keep the party going!
Source: AMC

Plum Gets Her Groove Back

Moving on to poor Plum. She finally got the courage to go out on dates and they didn’t go well. All the dates were trash! The worst one in my opinion was Aiden. They met up at a restaurant. He tells her she’s not what he expected and that he challenged himself to go out with someone larger. He’s into fitness and is surprised that, gasp, he’s actually having fun with a big girl.

*Roll eyes*

Plum is really enjoying herself and excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She overhears some skinny blonde chicks trying to figure out if Aiden is her brother or not. Like who does that! Plum handled it well by saying that she was his date, thank you. Sadly, when she comes back from the restroom she discovers he’s left a note saying he’s sorry, but maybe he’s not a good guy. Again, who does that!? She’s clearly upset and flustered, rightfully so, and hurries out knocking over chairs and causing a scene while leaving. I mean who does he think he is anyway? He’s short, not even that cute, and has the nerve to roll out on her?? Boy bye.

Are you guys keeping up with the Jones' or in this case, Dietland? We've the the recap for Dietland Episode 5 here so let's keep the party going!
Source: AMC

Oh Snap! Kitty Gets A Demotion!

Meanwhile, back at Daisy Chain, Kitty is singing Jennifer’s praises. Her boss, Stanley, is pissed and demotes her. Now you know Kitty was NOT happy. She goes storming down to talk to Julia, who is still crying and shook over Stella. She warns Kitty that it may be best for her to fall back. Upon returning to her office, Kitty finds Plum waiting for her. She then goes on a cigarette filled ranting spree in which admits to giving oral sex to get to the top and then has the nerve to blame Plum for her demise and fires her on the spot. Damn!

Poor Plum

Later, we see Plum getting a hot dog on the street. This guy, who turns out to be a total douchebag, bumps into her and he berates her and her weight. Plum stands up for herself and gets punched in the face! What in the world!! Luckily, or creepily, Dominic comes out of nowhere and punches the dude back. Dominic later comes clean that he is married, has kids and pretended to be single to get her to talk to him. Plum is not amused, and I think she’ll be channeling all of her heartbreak and anger into something big in the coming episodes. This seems to be the set-up to a storm brewing. I can’t wait to find out what happens next week.

Whew! Did you get all that?? Dietland Episode 5 is out here taking no prisoners!

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