Up Close and Personal with MTV’s SHOWTOWN Co-Host- Sheena Snively

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“Queen of Canada, & Resident fool of MTV! Lover of Fat Fashion, Theater, & Hamilton” Sheena Snively’s Twitter Bio

 Things are brewing up north and one of those leading the way is MTV Canada’s Showtown Co-Host Sheena Snively. No-holds-barred, vivacious, energetic, witty, hilarious, and (insert whatever other really positive and cool adjective here) Sheena is it, and then some!

Sheena Snively is a Correspondent for MTV Canada an integral part of MTV LIVE, thi feisty one holds nothing back in her hilarious skits and shocking antics on MTV’s live-to-air nightly comedy talk program. Sheena’s direct, bold, and interviewing approach and comedic spin on everyday events is amazing, especially as she reps for the plus size girls!

MTV Canada Plus Size Host Actress and Comedian- Sheena Snively

Sheena is pushing things to the limit on MTV. Sheena is unpredictable, uninhibited, and downright awesome. I found her out via Instagram, checking out her outfit posts! Then having the chance to chat with her team, I was fortunate enough to interview this size positive, rule breaking, sassy woman for the blog and I could not be more humbled…

Please read on to learn more!


How has it been co-hosting MTV ShowTown? You look like you have a lot of fun.

MTV Canada Plus Size Host Actress and Comedian- Sheena Snively

Co-hosting MTV Showtown is a complete blast! I’m so blessed that I can come into work everyday and hang out with some of the funniest people in Canada! I never know what I will be doing when I roll in, but guaranteed it’s going to be a good time.

For example, today I got to re-enact Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, while listening to an app that distracts you while doing so. Basically, it was playing a fun game and I am lucky enough to get paid to do it.

The entertainment industry can be brutal to women who don’t fit into their narrow mold of beauty. How have you dealt with the challenges of being plus-size in this business?

I don’t look at this as a setback, but have always looked at this as a way to stand out from the pack, and brand myself. When it comes to the clothing, everything I wear tends to be unique at our station.

I feel like I stand out because a lot of the clothing I wear can’t be duplicated by the other hosts, since they are all size 0 – 4! So, they stay away from my section of the wardrobe room (which I love – self proclaimed neat freak here), because my size 22 would be tent like on them. Being big has its advantages, and I embrace them.

What advice do you have for curvy women who want to make it in this business, but feel discouraged due to their size?

I would say never let your size be your only punch line. A lot of the curvy women I have looked up to over the years, have empowered themselves by not allowing their size to be the only thing that shapes their careers.

Talent has to be multidimensional. Being curvy is only a bonus prop in my opinion. Learn from the Plus greats, that’s what I have done. Some of my inspiration has come from such lovely heavy hitters such as Dawn French, Jackée, the recently tiny Lisa Lampanelli, and of course, the one and only Roseanne. Perhaps some of these women can inspire you the same way they did for me.

Confidence is so important for women of all sizes to have. Have you always been as confident as you are now?

MTV Canada Plus Size Host Actress and Comedian- Sheena Snively

I think I have always had a certain feisty confidence to me. When I was a kid, I was considered the class clown in many situations. My teachers always made me sit at the front of the class as to not get distracted, or mainly distract other students by horsing around. It never worked.

I somehow spun this energy into a full-time career, and I recently spoke to one of those teachers who revealed to me that she always knew I would be in the entertainment industry. So I guess the answer is yes – sorta – kinda!

How did you become or what are some of your steps into becoming confident?

MTV Canada Plus Size Host Actress and Comedian- Sheena Snively Confidence is something that I think builds everyday. You have to work at it! I think surrounding yourself in a positive atmosphere and around fun people helps. When you are having a good time, confidence comes easily.

You have to be comfortable with your skin and enjoy everything that life brings even when they aren’t necessarily enjoyable. Nobody is perfect, people are always going to be better than you, thinner than you, prettier than you, but it’s a two way street and I’m sure people are thinking the same way about me. It’s a waste of time to be worried about other people; I need to be happy with me, so I can enjoy my time on this planet.

What are your favorite fashion brands?

In Canada there are very few Plus size stores with frontage. The ones we have are amazing but it’s really the new frontier of Plus fashion here. In a lot of cases I tend to gravitate to online shopping such as: ASOS, Torrid, Bettie Page Clothing, and I am loving TEDDiE on Etsy for accessories these days. Just to name a few.

What is your earliest memory of fashion? How did you get into fashion?

I have always been interested in the idea of fashion. However I really started paying full attention to “Plus” while diligently and obsessively researching wedding dresses for my wedding.

While experiencing this process I discovered many web sites that accommodate my shape. I ended up choosing 2 wedding dresses one which I wore to the ceremony and one which I wore to the reception. One was from David’s Bridal and the other was from Sydney’s Closet. I just couldn’t decide between the two! So what better opportunity to show off two different looks, all in one day.

 Did you always know you wanted to be in the entertainment industry?

I have always had a soft spot for the Arts. I was a theatre Kid, and I have always enjoyed public speaking. While attending a Television Broadcasting program in College I discovered a love for set design, and I had fully intended on working behind the scenes, specifically working on show sets. But along the way things changed! The camera was calling me!

In regards to the set design career path, creating something physical, and actually being able to see the final product still excites me. Maybe that’s why I love putting together an outfit daily. I actually have a special bar sticking out of the wall, in my dressing room at my home, where I build the outfit that I am going to wear the next day on air. Then I have several hooks for accessories right beside it. Building my outfit for the next day is actually my fave part of the day. Give it a try! It’s addictive!

Love your Online Video’s, It’s hilarious! Have you considered getting into acting?

MTV Canada Plus Size Host Actress and Comedian- Sheena Snively

Thank you! I am so glad you like the shiz I be throwing down. I think there is a new wave of talented plus size actresses going on right now. In the past, there haven’t been a ton of heavier women out there in the entertainment industry. It would be easy to count all the women on your two hands.

However, I feel like a wave of change is upon us with such media darlings as Rebel Wilson, Octavia Spencer, and Melissa McCarthy. They inspire me immensely! I actually get compared to Rebel Wilson a lot, especially when I had bangs. Sometimes when people say to me I loved you in Pitch Perfect, I actually just say thank you and take the credit. Ha ha ha!

What does Curvy.Confident.Chic. mean to you…

Well I would say to any of the ladies reading this who don’t always feel secure, that the confidence part means pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, all while looking lovely, and stylishly fashionable!

For an example, in the past, I have had several “out there” garments that have hung in my closet for months because I was too concerned with what people might say if I wore them. I am now at the point where I couldn’t care less what others think about what I wear.

In the great words of Drake “I’m doing me” – ha ha ha! I never thought I would quote Drake! 


How amazing is she??? I love her sass and attitude! Gotta love it! LOL.

You can follow Sheena Snively on Twitter here, check out her past videos here, and get all the deets on MTV Canada’s ShowTown Here!


How cool is she? Do you follow her? Are you a fan? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it!

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    Ive often watched her videos on you tube when I really needed a good laugh 🙂

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