11 Honoré to Launch Their Own Plus Size Luxe Line

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More options in the luxe space? Oh yes. 11 Honoré has been making some serious moves in the plus size luxury space. From capsule collections to exclusive plus size lines, 11 Honoré has been redefining what luxury is and making it more accessible to the discerning plus size person.

We heard the murmurs of their new their new luxe line coming, and we were curious. What would an 11 Honoré luxury collection look like?   

 “Sophisticated and Chic” is what Patrick Herning describes the new in-house collection, set to launch at 11 Honoré, May 29th.

As we have more entrants in the contemporary and high end plus size fashion space, making room for more is always welcome. And with a brand who has had access to the sauce of luxury designers, we will get our own version of this with 11 Honore’s newest venture.

“It’s been part of the strategy from the beginning,” Patrick Herning shares this launch with WWD.

What to Expect from the 11 Honoré Collection

11 Honoré to Launch Their Own Plus Size Luxe Line
Image via WWD

Listen, we are here for these options. And get this, the collection will start up through a 26 with plans to continue the sizing options. This will make this collection one of the broadest size ranges on the 11 Honoré site.

“We’re being nimble, agile, kind…. We want to keep our vendors working if they’re able to. We want to employ as many people as we can.

 Those are the things I’m thinking about, ensuring we can support our supply chain. And with it all being manufactured in Los Angeles, we are on track as of now to hit our timeline.” Patrick Herning

11 Honoré to Launch Their Own Plus Size Luxe Line
Image via WWD

The 11 Honoré collection will sit in between a contemporary and luxe price rage, with tees starting at $98 and jackets and blazers right under $600. Patrick references “The Row” as a styling and aesthetic inspiration.

This means clean lines, sleek silhouettes, perfectly polished, with a little bit of an attitude.

11 Honoré to Launch Their Own Plus Size Luxe Line
Image via WWD

And for those of you who are particular with fabrics, you are in for a treat. You can expect stretch linen, the softest of silks, and the coziest of knits.

“It’s a very solid story in terms of mood and color. It really is going to be her daily uniform that complements everything else that sits on the site.” Patrick Herning

Form, Fit & Function with the 11 Honoré Collection

With a goal to “dress as many women as possible, to make as many women feel incredible as possible,” Patrick is leveraging their online platform and three years in this space, to make the most of this launch and collection.

11 Honoré to Launch Their Own Plus Size Luxe Line
Image via WWD

While fashion is at the forefront here, fit is an extremely close runner up. In his interview with WWD, Patrick shares the importance of this element:

“We’ve invested significantly in fit technology. And what we’re doing with this investment is not only launching our private label brand, but we’re now sharing this proprietary fit technology with our third-party brand partners to create some consistency and help with return rates.

At the end of the day, our customer has so few places to go, she inherently wants to keep the items she shops.” Patrick Herning

11 Honoré to Launch Their Own Plus Size Luxe Line
Image via WWD

We are curious to see the newness, in addition to the sketches of what is to come with this new luxe line for plus.

You can sign up for the launch at

With everyone slowing down nowadays, this addition makes sense. Slow fashion looks to be making an emergence. Sustainability. Ethically produced options.

Where will 11 Honore’s luxury collection fit in with these growing causes and values?

Made and produced in Los Angeles, this is a launch we will be following closely!

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