Gotta Have It: Guipure Plus Size Lace Dress by Navabi

Guipure Plus Size Lace Dress by Navabi on The Curvy Fashionista #TCFStyle

Do we really need a reason to show off a pretty dress? Well this Guipure Plus Size Lace Dress by Navabi just screamed at me with how pretty and fancy and ladylike and pretty and feminine it is. I do not normally find myself in the place of loving a dress so sweet, but look. This dress gives me ideas … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: Manon Baptiste Chiffon Shirtdress at Navabi

Manon Baptiste Chiffon Shirtdress at Navabi on The Curvy Fashionista

I have long been a fan of navabi since they first landed in the US (or online actually) I have long featured items from this international online retailer who features hard to find plus size brands and designers. I mean really hard to find plus size designers! So, while I was perusing the site, I … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: This Plus Size Mixed Media Coat by Studio at Navabi

Plus Size Mixed Media Coat by studio at Navabi on The Curvy Fashioinsta main

Leather and texture. If you are looking for a plus size mixed media coat for fall, then this one from Studio is right up your alley. I do love a coat with some attitude, different form the rest of the bunch. I am here for all of it. This coat that I caught a glimpse of at Navabi is where it is … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: The Manon Baptiste Dress with Leather Like Inset

Plus Size Manon Baptiste Dress with leather insets

So, as much as I talk about patterns, color, and stepping out of your fashion box, nothing beats a good little black dress. Today, I found one while perusing Navabi. Are you familiar with this site? The place where you can find high end designer plus size fashion, especially form those designers … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: Manon Baptiste Asymmetrical Chiffon Dress at Navabi

Plus size designer: Manon Baptiste Asymmetrical Dress at Navabi

Upon immediate gaze, I knew I had to feature this dress. Perfect for the summer and a great layering piece for fall, this Manon Baptiste Chiffon Dress from Navabi has my name All Over It Immediately, I think of this strapless number I can rock underneath this and then ways to rock it on … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: At least One of these from Steilmann at Navabi

Steilmann Shift Dresses at navabi

Loving graphic prints, bold hues, crazy fun patterns for spring. I am not shy. Nope. I am here to make a statement! LOL Are you? So, while perusing the Navabi site today, I happened across a new designer I was unfamiliar with but was still excited about none the less! German brand, Steilmann gives … [Read more...]

Greek Plus Size Fashion with MAT Fashion: Spring/Summer 2013 Look Book

Greek Plus Size Retailer- Mat Fashion

I have featured MAT fashion before on the blog. Are you familiar with this Greek plus size label? From the looks of it, MAT Fashion is a MAY-JOR retailer holding it down in Greece, pushing the envelope in the plus size fashion offerings. ABOUT MAT FASHION: Mat fashion stands for unique … [Read more...]

Navabi takes on Age and Style with its Age and Style Mini Mag

Plus Size Retailer- Navabi Style and Age Issue

As of late, I have been receiving quite a few questions about age and plus size personal style. I find this concept especially interesting as I turn 32 this year and probably feel more youthful and spunky than ever. My relationship to age has always been a graceful and playful one. I mean, if you … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: Isolde Roth Long Knit Sweater at Navabi

Isolde Roth Sweater at Navabi

I am a Knit Freak. I pine for the fun, chunky, slouchy, dramatic kits that often elude us in plus size fashion. I want the off the shoulder, drop shoulder, cozy, and edgy sweaters that I always see being fashioned in the magazines. So when I was perusing the Navabi website and happened upon this … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: Manon Baptise Plus Size A-Line Wool Jacket

Manon Baptise Plus Size A line Jacket

Sometimes, you just want to be sweet. Polished. Lady-like. Not every day is one you are living on the edge, and that is completely fine. This, I believe is the beautiful thing about being a woman. The prerogative of feeling as feisty as I am, in my Gisela Ramirez “F*CK Flattering Tee” to … [Read more...]