TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Step in Style with Smash Shoes

Smash Shoes Giveaway on The Curvy Fashionista

Every girl loves a great pair of shoes- right? Well, what happens if you happen to be a size 10-14? Where does the style go? Where do the fun, sexy, sassy, and chic shoes go? Well, if you have been reading the blog, then you will know that there is a new shoe designer in town, here to solve a few of … [Read more...]

TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Finish It Off with a Lauren Clutch

TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Finish It Off with a Lauren Clutch

Heyyy girl, hey! We are still powering through this month of giveaways! All in the spirit of turning six this month and we are having a bit of fun with it! To kick this week off? Well… we all need a fun clutch or fancy wallet- right? I know I do! And one of my faves happens to be from HOBO. Are you … [Read more...]

TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Easy Breezy with Rachel Pally White Label

Rachel Pally White Label Giveaway on The Curvy Fashionista

Now if you have been rolling with me for the past few years, then you know the biggest soft spot that Rachel Pally has with me. I am a diehard Rachel Pally fan girl and will always keep a stash of her dresses and pieces in my closet- always. So when I reached out to her for #TCFTurns6 I knew it was … [Read more...]

TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Keeping it Chic with MYNT 1792

TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Keeping it Chic with MYNT 1792

Heyyyy it’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a partaayyy! LOL this is how I feel right now, with the excitement I have in hosting these giveaways for you! I mean… man… I would have never thought, six years ago, a dream, a vision; an idea would lead me here. NEVER would have thought that. And the fact … [Read more...]

TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Turn Heads This Holiday Season with RebDolls

TCFTurns6 Giveaway with RebDolls

We are back for our second week of celebrations as we celebrate The Curvy Fashionista turning 6! Man, it has been a year, six years, and a journey! As a thank you for riding with me, this month, all month long we are hooking YOU up with quite a few giveaways and today, we are just warming up the … [Read more...]

TCFTurns6 Giveaways: Heat up the Holidays with Hips and Curves!

TCFTurns6 Giveaways: Heat up the Holidays with Hips and Curves!

We are back kicking off my blog anniversary month with a slew of giveaways, as a way to say thank you, hey girl heyyyy, and to have a bit of fun! I hope you have been enjoying the giveaways we have going on so far, (just search #TCFTurns6)! Well, perfect for the holiday season, playing off their … [Read more...]

#TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Holiday Stylin’ with Lane Bryant

TCFTurns6 Giveaway with Lane Bryant

Heyyy girl hey! How are you doing?! It is the first week of December and just getting started with the celebrations of the blog turning six! Can you believe it? In addition, WHY did I start in December? IONO. LOL HOWEVER… this doesn’t mean that we cannot play and celebrate and have a great time- … [Read more...]

#TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Kicking Off the Blogiversary with Monif C!

TCFTurns6 Giveaway with Monif C Plus Sizes

SIX years. Can you believe it? I can’t. Seriously, six years blogging, building, living out a dream. I am seriously hyped, in awe, elated, grateful, humbled, and full. And in true Virgo fashion, I am ready to do more! I already have quite a few things in motion for next year that I cannot wait to … [Read more...]

Cyber Monday Giveaway With Simply Be USA!

Cyber Monday Giveaway With Simply Be USA!

As we ready ourselves for Thanksgiving Day, time with family, and Black Friday, Simply Be and I decided to kick off Cyber Monday all proper like with a really cool giveaway! I mean what a better way to shop than with a few extra dollars in your pocket to one of your fave plus size stores? Think … [Read more...]

It is a Spring #TCFStyle Giveaway with eShakti!

TCFStyle Giveaway with eShakti!

We are still at it! Playing around in spring fashion, celebrating cool milestones and giving away more goodies for all of you! Today, we are celebrating with a brand that is probably one of the most versatile brands that cater to us with its personalized touch. I DO love it. Tailored to your length, … [Read more...]