Because my Curves Want to Feel Sexy Underneath- The Sofia Vergara Shapewear Collection

Feeling sexy underneath it all…

One of you asked me this past week on FB about shape wear. For those of you who aren’t fans of shapewear, this post isn’t for you. BUT for those who like to rock it out, keep on reading! When I am wearing something formfitting and unforgiving, shapewear is my friend. I have featured a few shapewear options in the past…

When it comes to shapewear, I play in quite a few pieces. Whether the tank, shaping slip, shorts, or the slip dress, I have it all. I like feeling held in or smooth- without feeling caged in. But most of all, when I can get support AND Sex appeal, I am over the moon. So when the folks at Kmart Fashion shared with me that the uber SEXY Sofia Vergara launched her own collection, naturally, I was intrigued.

They must have heard me… To give it a whirl, the team sent me the red leopard collection from the shapewear line and I happily obliged. Seriously, I am really digging the collection. I mean sexy and support? I am here for this. Especially from the woman who oozes sex appeal- HEYYY Sofia!

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Torsette Slip Shaper

With my items to test out, I got the Torsette Cami, the Torsette Slip, and the Slip Shaper. I was pleasantly surprised too. Rocking in the 1x, each piece gave me support without being sausaged in (You know what I mean). I really enjoyed the Slip Shaper! There was comfort and JUST enough holding me in… things were smooth and comfortable… AND I didn’t have any crazy lines telling all my business.

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Slip Shaper

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Torsette Cami

(It took me some time to take a pic in my bikini, so don’t expect a pic of me in my chonies- just yet! ROLFMAO!)

You know that feeling of taking off your bra when you get home? THIS is not a worry in these… and who says you rock sexy chonies for your beaux? I love wearing sexy underthings for myself… it is like I have a naughty secret and you or they will never know!

You can shop the Sofia Vergara Shapewear Collection at Kmart!

BUTTTT What would a new collection to share be WITHOUT , you guessed it… A GIVEAWAY! MMHMMM… that’s right! One lucky reader will score a $50 Giftcard to get ready for Fall Fashion! Follow the details below to enter!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

You have a week to enter! Until the 23rd of August at 11:59 pm PST! Move now!

Up to a 2x, you can fashion your own piece of sexiness and support as well from the Sofia Vergara Collection both online and in stores.

ADD to everything else… each item is affordable. I mean… under $25 affordable! Woot!

Have you had the pleasure of trying this collection? How strong do you like your shapewear? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it!

This post was sponsored by Kmart, I am truly digging this collection and am sharing my excitement with you. 

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  1. Patricia Pflug says

    This is a great giveaway! And her shapewear is actually….pretty! Nice change-up from Spanx lol :)

  2. Jessica Reese says

    I love the both the slip and the cami, I can’t decide which I like best. I’d have to get both. ;D

  3. MilaXX says

    I like my shapewear firm but not tight. I don’t want it to squeeze me to death, just control the jiggle.

  4. Lana says

    I like the high waist slip . I live in a pencil skirt . So this is nice to see since so many options right now are shorts .. which I am not a fan of .

  5. Ann Odle says

    I would love to try that Torsette Slip Shaper; I’ve never found a good style that stays put under my dresses–but this one looks so pretty all by itself too!

  6. susan says

    the skirt looks awesome! but the bra well it barely hold the models girls i think mine would over power it ;)

  7. asha says

    This giveaway came just in time for fall. I can’t wait to wear sweater dresses, all smoothed out with a help of some new shapewear.

  8. Victoria says

    A better way to present any shapewear is with before & after pics. It looks as if you have no need whatsoever for shapewear. Which drives me bonkers – skinny women who think they need shapewear if they’re 5 lbs over their supposed ideal, which is probably where they should be in the 1st place! Forgive me if I’m wrong, but from what I see, that’s my viewpoint…

  9. Brit says

    The Slipshaper >>>
    I am a bit discouraged at the fact someone a bit more curvier wasn’t the one displaying the products, but I’m sure it’s all the same.

  10. Raquel says

    I would love to try shapewear! I’ve never owned any kind of shapewear but it looks sexy as hell and I definitely want to try some on my fat babely bod.

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