Gotta Have It

Gotta Have It: Only Hearts BabyDoll from Frederick’s of Hollywood

As we head into Valentine’s Day, of course I have to feature a few items that must land in your boudoir or lingerie arsenal! Not only for the one you love, like, or whatever, but for YOURSELF.

Yes, I believe in dressing up nicely for yourself at night. There are nights I may rock sweats, others in the buff, and then there are nights I want to dress up because I. Feel. Like. It. I mean in all honesty, if you do not love yourself first then what?

Plus SIze Babydoll at Frederick's of Hollywood

And being that I am single (but taking applications) I still peruse the sites and stack up on feel good lingerie. Like this babydoll here? Mhhmmm. I do not know if I would rock the red, but the black? Yep! BTW, when was the last time you checked out Frederick’s of Hollywood? Did you know that they sell plus sizes now? Up to a 3X they do!

So when I saw this fancy number, I had to share with you! I could see a glass of wine accompanying this sexy number quite nicely. Yes.

Do you get dressed up in lingerie for yourself? If not, why not? Have you ever thought about it? What about during the day time? I am all for that too!

You can score your nightie here from Frederick’s of Hollywood!

Are you feeling this babydoll nightie from Fredericks? HAVE you ever rocked a babydoll? Sound off and Let Me Know!

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