Gotta Have It: Getting Naughty with Hips and Curves High Waist Panty

I saw these a few weeks ago. I have not stopped thinking about them. Something so segggzy and classy- yet sassy as hell.

Hips and Curves High Waist Panty

Hips and Curves High Waist Panty

These chonies from Hips and Curves gives you a playful sexy in the front and sassy edgy and daring from the back. I have been trying to figure out how to share these with you without offending, and then I thought about it… Oh WELL. THEY MUST BE SHARED.

See, you can have your choice here too, in white, black or red. I am leaning and STUCK on the red. Hell, if you are going to lace it up, might as well be in a color that evokes strong feelings of passion right? YES. Now that I have teased you with the looks of this set from the front, let me warn you that scrolling down, you may not want to do at work. OKAY? K.

Now here is the back!


Hips and Curves High Waist Panty

SEGGGGZYYYY. Right? I already know! If I had a Valentines, then this would be the fancy little number I would rock underneath it all. Mmhmm.

Is this too bold for you? Or just enough? And guess what? It comes up to a size 4X! Get it Hips and Curves! You can score this here!

Would you rock this set here? Too much? Not enough? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Alyson Hoffpauir says

    I’m thinking this would be great for my 1-year anniversary/second honeymoon this summer!  Thanks for sharing!

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