Gotta Have it: Igigi Alegra Jacket and Candace Skirt

If I was working 9-5 in the summer, this suit has my name all over it. Asides from the fact that Denise Bidot is smokin’, this cotton blend skirt suit looks quite yummy!

Igigi Allergra Suite Jacket and Candace SKirt

In the summer time, when your work calls for a polished look, walking the fine line of comfort and functionality can be hard.  However, one of the things about this suit that caught my attention was the fabric content, making it perfect for summer!  A cotton stretch blend that is unlined!?!  Yes… If you live anywhere in the really hot and warm places (like the desert of Southern Cali) sometimes, you need your clothes to breathe as much as possible! Especially when linen is not an option!

So enter in the Igigi Alegra Jacket and Candace Skirt from Igigi!

Igigi Allergra Suite Jacket and Candace SKirt

In a neutral palette that can be broken up too? Oooh if my lifestyle called for a suit like this! You can get this suit from Igigi and peruse the new arrivals, as there are some fun pieces there for your enjoyment!

What do you think? Could you see yourself in a suit like this one for work? Yes? No?

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