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What’s Haute Now: ASOS Curve Shirtdress

Last week, @Huny shared one of the most intriguing dresses I have seen from ASOS Curve. A dress that raised my eyebrow, made me smile, and posed quite a few fun times to be had in- with a switch of accessories.

What is kind of delightful about it reminds me of when Jennifer Margolin of Red Shoe Diaries rocked a shirtdress to an event we were at together, belted it, and rocked a killer ass heel. So… seeing this number, I smile, thinking YES!!!! I have my own little number to play with!

I had to share with you a dress I may very well break down and buy, but in the meantime, let me know what you think of this fancy little number:

The ASOS Curve Shirtdress

Beauty over MOney



Is this your cup of tea?

Are you a fan of SHirtdresses and how do you style them? Textures tights, oxfords, jeweled flats? What is your style. I do love a great shirt dress and I have made this one mine! YES. ALL MINES. I am hyped about this!

How would you style this differently?


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