What’s Haute Now: ASOS Curve Shirtdress

Last week, @Huny shared one of the most intriguing dresses I have seen from ASOS Curve. A dress that raised my eyebrow, made me smile, and posed quite a few fun times to be had in- with a switch of accessories.

What is kind of delightful about it reminds me of when Jennifer Margolin of Red Shoe Diaries rocked a shirtdress to an event we were at together, belted it, and rocked a killer ass heel. So… seeing this number, I smile, thinking YES!!!! I have my own little number to play with!

I had to share with you a dress I may very well break down and buy, but in the meantime, let me know what you think of this fancy little number:

The ASOS Curve Shirtdress

Beauty over MOney



Is this your cup of tea?

Are you a fan of SHirtdresses and how do you style them? Textures tights, oxfords, jeweled flats? What is your style. I do love a great shirt dress and I have made this one mine! YES. ALL MINES. I am hyped about this!

How would you style this differently?


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  1. Classyjazznv says

    I have been evaluating this dress for a few weeks.  Its different, but the shapelessness of it scares the crap out of me.  I am a statuesque woman with a square fiqure (except for the badonk in the back).  So I steer away from shapeless outfits to avoid looking like a fullback with a dress on.   I couldn’t imagine a belt with it so its good to know someone rocked it with a belt and pulled it off.  So in sum, given the accessories that may be paired with it, it can actually be an admirable dress….

  2. says

    This is my first time seeing this dress, and I LOVED if the minute I saw the preview on bloglovin’!!! I often wish ASOS Curve started at size 10, because they’ve been having such cute stuff, and now I’m really wanting this dress!

  3. says

    I love all the accessories, but the shapeless dress just wouldn’t compliment my body. However i know a few amazing women that would rock the hell out of this dress… ( If anyone purchases this dress i would love to see how you rocked it.)

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