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Cool News! Torrid Launches a Limited-Edition Wonder Woman Collection

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Wonder Woman is a superhero legend; one of the most famous of all time. Certainly the most famous super heroine of all time. With the upcoming release of Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman on June 2nd, Torrid is joining the superpower train with their new limited-edition collection inspired by Wonder Woman herself! So if you are into cosplay, just love yourself some Wonder WOman, now is your chance to score some plus size Wonder Woman gear, thanks to this awesome collab!

The geek girl inside me is beyond hyped about this movie and when you add a collection to match Wonder Woman’s dopeness? HYPED, is an understatement…

The capsule collection has launched, exclusively at, and the Wonder Woman capsule collection is “as fierce as the Amazonian warrior who inspired it.” And speaking of fierce warriors, the campaign features a true Torrid fangirl: body-positive blogger and influencer, Roxy Reyes! Perfect match!

“Torrid is all about empowering women. And what superhero embodies girl power more than Wonder Woman? We’re thrilled to offer plus size fans a collection that is bold and kick-ass, just like Wonder Woman.” Kate Horton, SVP, General Merchandising Manager at Torrid

Kick-ass, indeed! Show off those DC comic curves, girls! And of course, we are here to show and share the collection with you! Are you ready?

The 8-piece Wonder Woman Collection by Torrid

Color me impressed! That Lasso Skater Dress is perfect to serve some comic book cocktail hour realness! And check out the bomber jacket! Princess Diana of Themyscira posse would be proud. Rep your set!

I do love these collabs that Torrid has secured over the years, for the true comic fangirl looking for a few fun pieces or inspiration, you now have more than a few options to play in!

You can shop the Wonder Woman Collection now at!

What do you think of the collection? Got any favorite pieces? Raise your hand if you’re gonna rock one of these pieces at the Wonder Woman premiere!

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Written by Team TCF

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  1. I’m a senior and I want this so damn bad! Is it because I grew up with Linda Carter as Wonder Woman or because I think I’m a wonder to have made it this far in life? LOLOL Film at 11. . .

    • First female-led superhero movie but people don’t want to support it because she’s not “curvy enough.”

      Nevermind the fact that if it fails, it’s yet another excuse for studios to avoid women-led movies because “they don’t sell;” an excuse that is given constantly.


  2. I mean, why do they keep wanting fat girls to wear this shit? Enough with the superhero gear Torrid. And the Disney BS too. Maybe start making maternity wear, you know/ useful clothes for the bigger sizes. Enough is enough. Not cute and over it.

  3. Bought because i work at a fun place where folks do wear ridiculous stuff as part of being on brand for our clients. Also because it is reversible to just the logo and is cute. However the material of the dress is just gross. It feels icky and looks cheap. I am returning unfortunately. Also let’s be honest. TORRID is geared towards juniors. Why would they make a maternity line? That seems totally off brand.

  4. Hi can anyone please help me locate this Wonder Woman Reversible Armor Logo Dress in a 2X please?

    I am a plus size disabled woman with a terminal disease and I channel my inner Wonder Woman and this dress would mean the world to me

    I look forward to hearing back from a kind soul here

    Thanks so very much

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