The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date? Yourself!

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I am single this year. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried looking for love but it has been in all the wrong places, as usual. Dating is like having a full-time job and most times, I don’t have the time for the games and the intrigue. I have decided to stop looking for that perfect guy and the perfect date this Valentines Day. This year, I plan on having the perfect date with all of my single girlfriends or by myself. Especially this year? Given where I am at, I thought, why couldn’t the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date be myself?

But to have that perfect date with yourself, ladies you have to feel great! I mean when was the last time you took yourself out? Got all dressed up for no one but yourself? It is the most liberating feeling… at least it has been for me!

This year I wanted to create a look around us accessory whores. Sometimes a simple dress can be the perfect backdrop for that perfect necklace, that incredible cocktail ring or those hot shoes that you have in the back of your closet. I am an accessories whore. I have costume, expensive and vintage jewelry. They are just piling up in jewelry boxes, hatboxes, and hanging jewelry organizers. Today is the day to wear what makes you feel like the hottie that you are and start loving and treating yourself.

Perfect Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

The Perfect V-Day Date? Yourself! by theveganstylista featuring high heel shoes

The dress I chose was red. I chose red in honor of Valentines Day. Have you seen our Valentine’s Day Dress Picks? In honor of love and in honor of myself because, dammit I deserve it.  Well all have those insecure days…. you know what I mean. To battle this, the perfect accessory makes me feel special, makes me feel amazing, makes me feel like me. It is amazing how a piece of jewelry or what ever piece of whatever can change our mood… I know that sounds so damn superficial but hey, in some ways I am.

The red dress was the perfect backdrop for the jewel encrusted accessories I chose…a multi-colored cocktail ring, a bib necklace, open toe heels, and the perfect lace clutch for my essentials.

Ladies, the art of the perfect outfit is your confidence. Confidence is sexy. Stop chasing love and chase what brings you joy. We talk about this often… you know, confidence, body image, and loving your curves… So rather than feeling sad or upset about being without a date this Valentine’s Day, remember that YOU DO have a date option… YOURSELF! This is your new day to treat, show love to, or celebrate YOU.

Happy Valentines Day!

Have you ever taken yourself out on a date? Out to dinner? To a movie? To an event? Let’s Talk about it!

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