Beauty and the Tech Geek: L’Oréal Paris introduces The MatchMaker™ by True Match

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I love innovative and techy awesomeness. Such is the case with L’Oréal Paris and the iPhone/ iPad! The team over at L’Oreal have developed a fabulous app to help you chose your True Match- in finding the perfect foundation shade! Kind of cool right?

On a serious mission to take all guesswork out of matching the perfect shade:

“L’Oréal Paris embarked on its most ambitious shade study to date – collecting skin tone and texture data from thousands of women representing 57 different countries. L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable makeup now offers a range of 33 lab-developed foundations that represent the universe of skin color and are guaranteed to match 100% of all skin tones.”

Inside the L’Oreal True Match app

A Tall Order right? Well, one of those steps to backup their claim is this quite fun app (I am a little bit jealous as I am #TeamAndroid) by taking all of the frustrations from women of all ethnicities and backgrounds and creating a solution.

L’Oreal has upped the tech ante by bringing you the app to help you find your perfect shade! All you have to do is answer a few questions, with visual cues and aids and voila!

The MatchMaker™ by True Match mobile app consists of:

  • Find Your Shade- a quick and comprehensive quiz that helps to determine the unique undertones and color depth of your skin.
  • My True Match- the diagnostic color matching tool that identifies your L’Oréal Paris True Match shade. This also provides insight into what tones look best on your skin and what celebrities share your tone.
  • Store Locator– provides a local map on where to easily find your colors in your local area.

To learn more and buy, visit the L’Oreal True Match app at the iTunes Store!

How Cool is this? Do you use L’Oreal for your foundation? Will you use this app to help you find your match?

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