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So You Want to Be a Plus Size Model? Model Agent, Alex Boos Shares a Few Tips!

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I have arguably one of the best jobs in the world. After almost 25 years of modeling full time with the Ford agency in NYC and working for clients like Tommy Hilfiger, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstroms, I hopped behind the camera to become a manager.

So, when everything falls in alignment, I help dreams come true. I spot talent, develop and nurture it, and strategically walk the journey toward creating a superstar. My models call me the Fashion Momager because unlike some managers who try to keep a boundary between their hearts and business, I get attached.  Who I choose to pour my energy into is very personal.

I am a pioneer in plus fashion, and filled with nuggets of advice and juicy hard-earned wisdom. But before sharing the nuts-and-bolts information like castings, movement or how to submit and get signed by an agency, I have a surprising secret about plus size modeling, that I have kept for three decades.

Here is your #1 Plus Size Model Tip: Your success is based on your intention.

Torrid Spring 2018 : Runway Show
Torrid Spring 2018 : Runway Show

Do not waste one more ounce of effort into getting your career off the ground until you ask yourself why you want to be a model. If it is about ego, or to prove to yourself or anyone else that you are “enough”: stop.  This industry is not for you. That head-trip is full of self-sabotage, blockage and pain.

Do not look outside of yourself for your worth.

Conversely, if you feel that there is a heart calling so deep within you, a mission wired into your being to empower and serve with much to share and give…keep reading. YOU are the juicy, warrioress woman with whom I want to have this conversation.

Developing your craft is easy as long as you are willing to work hard. It is the intention and the energy that you bring to the world that will ultimately decide your fate.

Here are 3 nuggets of wisdom this Fashion Momager will share:

Project Runway Debuts Plus Size Finale Collection
Project Runway Debuts Plus Size Finale Collection
  1. As you move forward, be open to your career being different from your initial vision. For example, perhaps you wanted to be a runway model but doors are opening for you to be a fashion influencer. Your career will organically unfold as it should and can be more rewarding than realizing the career initially wanted.  Remember, unanswered prayers can sometimes be life’s biggest blessings.
  2. Be authentically YOU. It is tempting to change who you are to conform to the fashion world, which can be fickle. Authenticity is where it is at, my sister. Inspire with your truth and people will be drawn to you.
  3. Many are called, but few are chosen. I have seen many careers stop dead in their tracks because of unconscious self-sabotage: an unhealthy relationship with a partner, feeding into unsupportive family, and addictions, to name a few. Do not block your blessings. Do the internal work, get out of your own way and prepare for the floodgates to open once you are walking in alignment with your calling.


Dia&Co's Fashion Week Show
Dia&Co’s Fashion Week Show

Armed with that good intention I can tell you that if the dream is in your heart, you were given all the skills to realize it.  No matter how many times you are told no, rejected and face challenges, only you know if this is truly the right path for you.

So bring your big heart, strap on your stilettos and meet me here next time, for more lessons from the Fashion Momager.


About Alex Boos:

Plus Size Model Agent- Alexandra Boos

Alexandra Boos is a Hollywood talent manager and thirty-year fashion pioneer whom New Yorker magazine called a “fixture” in the plus industry, passionately supporting growth in every creative spectrum from modeling to marketing and creative director for a plus fashion magazine to launching a curves division at a Manhattan modeling agency.

  Alexandra currently develops and coaches talent with her own unique faith-based methodology armed with the mission to help create celebrities in fashion and entertainment who serve the world with the gifts and talents God gave them. Alexandra won the first Full Figured Fashion Week’s “Legends Award” as well as Full Figured Industry Award “Iconic Award.”

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  1. I have questions? Does height and size matter. I’m 5’3. With heels 5’5. 5’6. I am between a 2x and 3x depending on how the clothes are made. I am top heavy 42-44DD smaller in the waist and moderately in hip, and bottom area. I always see plus size models but they are tall. I am considered a shortstack. I have an attractive face, and body. Height has been a factor for me. I can’t grow any taller. What is your advice for me?

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